Are Basketball Shoes Appropriate for Hiking?

Basketball shoes play one red

Are you a basketball fan who wants to tackle hiking trails? While putting on your trusty basketball sneakers and going for the hills may be tempting, you should think twice. Basketball shoes are made to provide support and traction on the court, but they lack the toughness and ruggedness required for hiking. In this … Read more

Getting the Right Size Ski Boots Can Reduce Foot Pain

a close up photo of a skier wearing ski boots on skis

The most common complaints of skiers worldwide are arch pain, throbbing ankles, purple toes, aching shins, and overall foot pain. Snowboarders make fun of rock-hard boots, and beginners wonder if the sport is even worth it with such awkward footwear.  Of course, we know it is, and those who have found the … Read more

Benefits of Wearing Skiing Goggles

a man skiing down the mountain wearing ski goggles

If you’ve ever gone snowboarding, you recognize that wearing ski goggles is essential for your protection and safety. Most people find a mountain environment very unusual when it comes to wind, light, and weather conditions. Sunlight reflected off the snow can be too bright for your eyes. Furthermore, UV rays can harm … Read more

Lens Differences on Sunglasses for Rock Climbing

man rock climbing in the mountains

Sunglasses are essential for mountaineering and rock climbing activities. Rock climbers require strong eye protection, especially since they deal with the bright and blazing rays of the sun, and we all know that UV rays are harmful to one’s eyes. Aside from that, you cannot possibly avoid the tiny particles and debris … Read more

How Do Electric Ski Goggles Work?

person in black goggles and black face mask 

Have you ever wondered how do electric ski goggles work? Is it just a fashion statement? What would happen if you decide not to wear electric ski goggles during skiing? If you’re an avid skier, these questions loiter around in your mind but don’t worry! Let’s get to know and find answers!  … Read more

Finding Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Little boy skiing

Ski goggles are essential equipment for skiing and snowboarding. Some people prefer wearing sunglasses while doing different winter sports or snow activities. However, having ski goggles is much more different and much better than having only your ordinary sunglasses.  Ski goggles help protect your eyes from being blinded by the harmful Ultraviolet … Read more

Essential Items for Visiting Areas in a Campervan

campervan in the forest

If you are planning on going for a campervan trip around the UK, you would need to pack several important items before heading outside your home. These essentials range from skincare products, portable appliances, to even accessories that will allow you to combat harsh weather.  Before planning a trip via campervan hire, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Bikes

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Whether you are on the road or the trail, the hybrid bike has everything that you need for a smooth and stable ride. The hybrid bike combines all of the best elements of a road bike, a mountain bike, and a touring bike all in one package. If you want to know … Read more