Essential Items for Visiting Areas in a Campervan

If you are planning on going for a campervan trip around the UK, you would need to pack several important items before heading outside your home. These essentials range from skincare products, portable appliances, to even accessories that will allow you to combat harsh weather. 

Before planning a trip via campervan hire, make sure that you have all of the items mentioned in this guide so that you will be well prepared and ready for anything.

First Aid Kit

All people should bring with them at least one first aid kit whenever they are going on a trip, as you never know what might happen to you if anything goes wrong. If you are hiking or camping in a forest or a mountainous path, there is a high chance that you will get wounded from certain objects. By bringing a first aid kit in your campervan, you will be able to put a remedy for the wounds in no time. Be sure to pack your first aid kit will all the essential items like bandages, medicine, and alcohol. You may also want to get pills that can help combat dizziness during the drive towards your travel destination.

Hand Sanitizer

Another important item to bring with you in the campervan is the hand sanitizer, which acts like alcohol that can kills bacteria and viruses on your hands, although it has a longer-lasting effect. As you are going on a trip to enjoy looking at nature or historical artifacts, you may touch certain things that may be contaminated with pathogens. It is best that you keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times, and if the bottle runs out, you can refill it if you brought a larger hand sanitizer bottle in the campervan.


Most campervans today may give you utensils to use for eating food, but for cases where they won’t give you these kitchen items, you can bring the ones on your home. If you don’t want to grab utensils in your own kitchen, you can just buy travel utensils set that are more portable and lightweight than the regular counterparts. These travel sets may also come with a small bag where you can store your utensils after washing them.

Reusable Paper or Plastic Bags

Some distant locations may not be able to provide you with bags that you can use to store items like food or souvenirs, so it is recommended that you bring with you at least five to ten bags just in case you wanted to buy something during your trip. A plastic bag may be a little bit more durable than a paper bag, but it is often not eco-friendly. You may want to pack paper bags rather than plastic ones for that specific reason, but if you are aware enough not to throw pieces of plastic anywhere you go, you can stick with plastic bags.

Bathroom Essentials

A campervan may provide you with a bathroom, but it won’t come with any toiletries. Bathroom essentials are probably the most important things that you shouldn’t forget for your trip since you would need to shower or use the toilet every now and then because if you are exposed to the elements outside. Bring body soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bathrobe, and you will be good to go when it comes to toiletries.

Earphones or Earplugs

To keep you busy during a portion of the trip where you can’t go outside the campervan, it is good if you have earphones with you so that you can listen to music without disturbing anyone. In addition, it is better if you are subscribed to a music streaming platform like Spotify so you can download songs and listen to them even if there is no internet connection. Earphones are also great for reducing the noise coming from outside whenever you are sleeping, but it would be best if you have earplugs instead so that you won’t get wires tangled on your body.

Books or Video Game Consoles

Speaking of keeping ourselves busy on the trip, you may also want to pack some books in your bag, but if you don’t like to read, you may also want to bring your favorite portable video game console. These forms of entertainment will let you relax and chill for a bit without heading outside, as you will get to enjoy the comfort and safety that the campervan provides.

Universal Travel Adaptor

There are places where their electric outlets have different holes, and sometimes, the plugs in your electronics may not fit in them. To solve this problem, you may want to bring a universal travel adaptor that has customizable plugs and holes so that your electronic device will fit perfectly on it. It would also be good if the universal travel adaptor has USB connectors so that you can charge phones or tablets easily.

Phone Chargers and Power Banks

If you brought a travel adaptor with you, it is obvious that you will bring chargers for your phones as well. You wouldn’t want your smartphone to have a low battery, especially in situations where you have to contact someone, so always remember to charge your phone in the campervan before going outside. If you want more battery power for your phone, you should also bring a power bank that can add a few more battery life for your device. Of course, the power bank will need some charging as well, so make sure that you charge it in the campervan too.

Travel Guides

You wouldn’t want to get lost in your chosen destination, so it is best if you get a travel guide that tells you all that you need about the places you’d like to visit. The travel guide may sometimes come with maps that you can look at to find stores or specific landmarks in areas that may not be familiar to you. You can buy these travel guides in any bookstores, but to make it more convenient, you can download an e-book copy of these guides on your phone or tablet.

Those are ten essential items that you should bring for a campervan trip. Being prepared for the travel and driving safe is the best way for you to enjoy it more, as you wouldn’t have to stress or worry about certain problems that may come your way if you forget at least one of the items mentioned above.