Are Alpine Sports More Than Skiing?

people hiking on a snow covered mountain

Alpine sports, also referred to as mountain sports, include activities other than skiing. These mountainous or hilly terrain sports carry a higher level of risk, necessitating special equipment and specialized training before they can safely undertake them. While skiing is arguably among the most popular alpine sport, it is far from the … Read more

Innsbruck Austria is your next bucket list for Skiing

Tyrol Mountains in Austria covered with snow

Highest Lift: 3200m/10498′ Lowest lift: 850m/ 2789′ Vertical Drop: 2350m/ 7710′ Total Runs: 270 km Beginner: 70 Runs (35%) Intermediate: 84 Runs (42%) Expert: 46 Runs (23%) Cross Country: 30km If you are from Europe or someone from any point of the globe and wish to visit a famous and excellent ski … Read more

Why Choke Are Important for Hunting?

hunter wilderness

If you have used a shotgun to shoot something, you will know that the bullet spreads around the target. It’s not like your regular bullet where it hits the bullseye without shattering into pieces. To stop shotgun from doing that, we use chokes. They are like a muzzle flush that is attached … Read more

History of Curling

Curling at Youth Olympic Games 2012

Curling is a winter game appreciated by the people belonging to all age groups. It is known by many names like a chess set on the ice, a hybrid of bowling, and shuffleboard. Curling is played on a platform made of ice. In this sport, the players slide stones on an ice … Read more

Alpine Skiing: Interesting Facts and History

FIS alpine Ski world Championship St. Moritz

What is Alpine Skiing? Alpine skiing is also commonly called downhill skiing. It is a competition of speed, winding in between the icy mountainous terrains, and the ticking clock. Alpine skiing is one of the most adrenaline-pumping sports out there. The skiers are required to race alongside each other on challenging icy … Read more

A Guide to The Sports of Nordic combined

a person skiing on the snowfield

Nordic combined is a winter sport that consists of cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Nordic combined competition matches are held in Winter Olympic Games, and FIS Nordic Combined World Cup is played to promote Nordic combined. International Ski Federation is the highest authority that controls and manages Nordic combined sport. The International … Read more

A Guide to Skeleton: A Winter Sport

British skeleton athlete Lizzy Yarnold slides into the finish area after her second run BMW IBSF World Cup race in Lake Placid

Skeleton probably tops the list of all intense and thrilling games at the Winter Olympics. Though the list includes some other fast and dangerous games, such as snowboarding and cross-country skiing, the skeleton has the player inches away from the hard rigid ice. Accidents happen in the skeleton, and the players hitting … Read more

Ski Jumping: Interesting Facts and History

A person skiing in Norway

Ski jumping is a game in which the competitor aims to have the longest jump over a specially constructed ramp. The athlete’s style and other factors contribute to the overall scoring as well. Ski jumping is one of the most well-known and recognizable winter games. All around the world, 25 to 30 … Read more

History of Bobsledding

Former Army World Class Athlete Program bobsledder Steven Holcomb

Bobsledding, also referred to as bobsleighing, is a sport of sliding down on a natural or artificial incline covered with ice on a four-runner sled that supports either two or four men. Sled is also known as bob, bobsleigh, and bobsled. Bobsledding is a dangerous, enraged, and exciting. Bobsledding includes two or … Read more

Ice Hockey: Interesting Facts and History

NHL 2017 Playoffs

Most of the people have heard about the famous Canadian game, ice hockey. But many of them do not realize that this particular sport holds a great history with it. It is not something that people just made, but it took a long process for ice hockey to become what it is … Read more

What is Figure Skating?

AnabelleLanglois and Cody Hay land a throw jump at the 2006 Skate America

Figure skating is a unique combination of ice skating and ballet. It has been around for a very long time. Each year during the Olympic season, many artists compete in the disciplines of this fascinating field of dance. How figure skating was introduced, and what are different aspects of it? Let’s learn. … Read more

What is Slopestyle?

Slopestyle course

Slopestyle is a kind of freeskiing that is very popular in the regions of the United States and Canada. It is essentially a fun combination of snowboarding and skiing. This sport involves jumps, tricks, and other attention-grabbing stunts. And even though it holds great importance now, it took a long journey to … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak, mountain, snow-capped

Located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, in North America, Pikes Peak is thought to be the highest summit in the area. It is a popular choice for people who are considering going for mountain climbing. Surrounded by a forest, the peak rises to a height of 11, 115 ft. … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Mount Sandakphu

Mount Sandakphu, snow-capped, India

If you ever decide to explore the wonderful marvels found throughout South Asia, be sure to visit the intimidating site that holds Mount Sandakphu. Situated in West Bengal, a state of India, Sandakphu is the highest natural point in the region. It is conveniently located near the Singalila National Park. For enthusiastic … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Mount Baker

Mount Baker, snowy mountain, Washington, farm

The majestic Cascade Range of North America is undoubtedly one of the best candidates when it comes to choosing your first mountain climb. It is filled with countless snow-capped peaks. Among these, Mount Baker stands out as the fifth-highest peak in the Range, and the third-highest in the state of Washington. Besides … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Mount Tofana di Rozes

Tofana di Rozes, snowy mountain, Italy

One of the most beautiful sights offered by mountainous regions around the world is that of Mount Tofana di Rozes. Having a height of 10,581 ft. (3,225 m) above sea level, it is located in the Province of Belluno, Veneto, in Italy. It is one of the most famous hiking spots in … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide in Climbing Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba rises more than 56,000 meters above sea level, and it can be found in south-central Mexico. This mountain is considered to be the tallest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America. For the indigenous people in Mexico, they call this mountain Citlatepetl. Its peak is a … Read more

Beginner Mountains: Guide to Climbing Mount Breithorn

Eastern summit of Breithorn seen from the west

Rising at 4,164 meters above sea level, Mount Breithorn is known to be the most accessible and most famous mountains in Switzerland. This said, the hill is located on the Swiss-Italian border in the Pennine Alps, and it has a reputation for being a training climb for those who want to successfully … Read more

Tips for Picking the Right Ski Boots

a pair of large ski boots

Skiing is one of the fun activities you can do during the winter season. To be able to enjoy this activity, having the essential items are important. When it comes to buying ski equipment, the most important item that should be on the top of your list is ski boots. It’s because … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Island Peak

View of Island Peak

Island Peak is one of the most underestimated mountains to climb by several people. That’s why if you want to stand high in the Himalayas at 20,305 feet, you will need to do the climb up to the summit of Island Peak seriously and make sure that you are in the excellent … Read more

Beginner Mountains: Beginner Guide to Climbing Mount Fuji

If you want a perfect image to represent Japan, then the ideal, snow-capped cone of Mt. Fuji should be number one on your list. Mount Fuji is not just great to look at. It is also a high mountain to climb. In fact, we bet that it is on several people’s bucket … Read more

Guide in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Guide in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania stands at 19,341 feet or 5,895 meters. It is considered the highest peak in Africa, and it is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Aside from that, Mount Kilimanjaro is also the world’s tallest walkable mountain. However, to reach the summit, you must pass through five distinct climate zones … Read more

Fitness for Travelers: The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road

The Ultimate Workout Guide for the Road

The fact that you are traveling does not mean that you cannot maintain your best shape. You can work out while traveling, and still obtain excellent results without even using a gym or any equipment. It is true that staying in shape while on the road can be difficult, but that should … Read more

Top 10 Winter Sports In the World

A snowmobile tour at Yellowstone National Park

Winter is the time of year when you can enjoy outside games and sports. The advantage of winter sports is you can play games, exert force without even getting sweated. In different countries, the weather varies, and winter conditions also vary there. There are many countries with soothing closeness or a nip in the … Read more

What Is Snow Tubing?

What Is Snow Tubing

Get on top of a snowy hill. Ride an inflatable inner tube. Slide and have fun! That’s basically what snow tubing is about. Once considered as an outdoor winter activity, it can now be done all-season on a typical backyard hill – thanks to snowmaking technologies. However, it’s obviously more enjoyable to … Read more

The History of Winter Olympics

The History of Winter Olympics

After the 22nd Winter Olympic Games held last 2014 in Sochi, Russia, the next Winter Olympics scheduled in 2018 will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The administration of South Korea offered North Korea to co-host the games as an effort to build bridges between the two long-standing enemies. South Korea wanted … Read more

The History of Snowboarding

The History of Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a snow activity which was invented not as a form of travel but just for fun. Besides skiing and sledding, snowboarding is a common thing to do during winter and has been part of Winter Olympics and Paralympics since 1998 and 2014, respectively. While this sport became popular in the … Read more

Best Mountains for Beginners

Best Mountains for Beginners

Climbing mountains isn’t meant for everybody. But you don’t have to be everybody if you start with small steps. Sure it might seem like something only people with years of experience can do. While that is true, it only applies to a few very dangerous mountains. For beginners, there are a ton … Read more

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips for First Timers

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips for First Timers

Planning to go mountain trekking for the first time? It may be exciting, as you’re looking forward to the stunning view you’ll be seeing and the amazing trip you’ll be having, but at the same time, it can be intimidating because of your lack of experience. So, don’t leave home without any … Read more