Finding Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

Ski goggles are essential equipment for skiing and snowboarding. Some people prefer wearing sunglasses while doing different winter sports or snow activities. However, having ski goggles is much more different and much better than having only your ordinary sunglasses. 

Ski goggles help protect your eyes from being blinded by the harmful Ultraviolet rays and from other elements like the snow and wind. With the help of these goggles, skiers and snowboarders can see their paths clearly, especially when going through a snowy mountain. 

Skiers usually tend to overlook the importance of good ski goggles. For them, it’s enough to buy even the cheapest ski goggles. But, there is a significant distinction between having cheap ski goggles and high-quality ski goggles. Buying a good pair of ski goggles is essential as it contains different features and functions that can be very helpful when skiing. Owning an excellent pair of these goggles can assure you that you have a fully-functioning and, at the same time, comfortable ski goggles. 

Different components make up your usual ski goggles, including the strap, foam padding, frame, lenses, and many more. Ski goggles need these things to fully play their role of improving your vision in the snow, protecting your eyesight from different elements, and keeping you comfortable while doing snow activities.

Ski Goggle Lenses

Speaking of the lens, this ski goggles component is one of the most vital parts of your ski goggles, given that the main function of your goggles is to have a lens that protects your eyes. Lenses are usually made of Trivex plastic or polycarbonate, which helps your goggles be more impact-resistant, preventing them from shattering like glasses normally do. Some ski goggles contain two lenses that are assembled together. 

Aside from that, your goggles also have foam dividers that are put between the two lenses to create an air gap between the two layers of the lenses. This feature helps keep the insulation on one’s face, especially when it is brutally cold in the mountains. In addition to that, it also stops the cold from going inside your lens, helping your ski goggles from steaming up, which may cause blurry vision while skiing. 

However, some people who usually wear prescription glasses may worry about not being able to clearly see when skiing. The good news is ski goggles may also come with prescription lenses, perfect for the four-eyed people out there. You would not have to be concerned about wearing your prescription glasses and ski goggles at the same time because you may now wear ski goggles with prescription lenses comfortably on your next skiing trip. 

However, if these prescription ski glasses are too expensive for you, there are some cheaper alternatives, such as ski goggles designed to be comfortably used over prescription glasses. But, if you are among those people who can afford to buy these prescription ski goggle inserts, this one is for you.  

Finding the perfect prescription ski goggle inserts for you

Many prescription ski goggle inserts come in different shapes and sizes available in the market. They are made to fit almost any kind of ski goggles that you can find anywhere. Some stores take your prescription, create your lenses, and attach them inside your desired ski goggle frame to have your own prescription ski goggle inserts. Or you may also be the one to put your inserts inside your ski goggles if you like. 

You won’t have to worry about your prescription ski goggle inserts falling off while skiing or ski jumping, as your goggles can hold them right in place. The nice thing about your goggle inserts is that they are not visible to others as you can hide them behind a small and light goggle lens and another mirrored lens. 

Why is it better to have prescription ski goggle inserts?

The first advantage of having prescription ski goggle inserts is that it sits right on the shield of your ski goggle, even farther away from your face. Because of this, it creates more air circulation, better venting, and temperature control. They may fog a little, but you can prevent it. 

Another one is that you can customize your own insert. You may add different features like anti-fog coating. This will help your ski goggles from fogging too much, and it will take you lesser time to clean up the fogging on your ski goggles.

Prescription ski goggle inserts are also safer to use since they are kept inside your ski goggles and not on your face. So you would not need to worry about your ski goggles shattering when you fall off while skiing, as your prescription ski goggle inserts remains safe and intact inside the goggles. 

They also help in preventing eye irritation or eye-watering. Usually, people who use contact lenses when skiing are prone to eye irritation since they are in direct contact with precipitation and heavy winds. When you have prescription ski goggle inserts, you can avoid the stress and eyestrain that contact lenses can put on your eyes. There will be no eye irritation that could prevent you from enjoying your ski adventure with friends and family. 

Lastly, this type of goggles also prevents you from having headaches. Unlike your regular glasses, prescription ski goggle inserts do not put pressure on your temples, so you’ll be less likely to experience headaches and enjoy your ski adventures more. 

A perfect vision isn’t something you want to trade-off when you’re skiing down a snowy mountain with extreme wind conditions. With prescription ski goggle inserts, you can now enjoy the best winter sports and snow activities without being uncomfortable with your prescription glasses underneath your ski goggles. 

These prescription ski goggle inserts are your best friend, especially when you are someone who needs prescription glasses every day of your life. They are easy to use, you can buy them for a reasonable price, and they can last longer than your usual prescription glasses when going skiing. 

Prescription ski goggle inserts can be found in almost all sports eyewear stores online or in your local malls and stores. All you need is to have your eye prescription checked, send them to your chosen eyewear store, and then you are ready to go.