The Pros and Cons of Mountain Top Removal


Mountaintop removal – also known as mountaintop mining and MTR, is basically a kind of mining practice in which the mountain top is removed with the help of explosives in order to extract the coal that is present underneath it. This procedure is opposite to the traditional practices of mining in which … Read more

Tips For Mine Exploration

mining tunnel with a vehicle.

Our earth is full of mysteries. There are so many things that people have not discovered yet. Many people on earth enjoy searching deep beneath the soil to uncover ancient minerals and secrets. This party befalls identified as mine explorers. These people go on adventurous journeys to traverse old abandoned mines or … Read more

The History of Mining in California

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The California Gold Rush started in early 1848 in the Sacramento Valley with the discovery of gold nuggets. Prospective gold miners, about a thousand of them, traveled to San Francisco and the surrounding area. California’s non-native population grew to 100,000 and later to approximately 300,000, visibly more than the population of 1,000 … Read more

The History of Mining in Colorado

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Mining is by far the most significant industry in the whole state of Colorado. Mining has been dominant in this state since the nineteenth to the early- twentieth century, and up until today, it has been an essential part of Colorado’s life. This activity brought up not only gold and silver but … Read more

Top Historical Mines to Visit in California

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Dubbed with various nicknames such as Cali, the El Dorado State, the Land of Milk and Honey, the Golden State, the Sunshine State, the Grape State, and the Golden West-California is not just a state but one of the best states and perhaps the wealthiest state in the US. With its vast … Read more

The Highest Mines in the World

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Minerals have significant roles in humanity’s daily life; in buildings and road constructions, creating electronic devices, vehicles, plumbing, manufacturing home appliances and equipment, jewelry, and many more. Mining is undeniably a huge portion or even a backbone of many countries’ economies. Here are the following mines with the highest elevation in the … Read more

What is Mountain Top Removal Mining

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Summer activities and adventure are fun and exciting, especially when you are with families and friends. People take the time to enjoy the scenic views, the colorful and magnificent vistas from a mountain’s summit. Mountains are more than hiking destinations and tourist spots; they are also very important habitats for countless wildlife … Read more

Top Historical Mines to Visit in Colorado

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The United States is known for the grandeur of its elevated ski resorts, such as the Sun Valley in Idaho, and for its wild gold rush experiences feet beneath the ground in some of the most well-known areas in America. These include Colorado. A Brief History of Mining in Colorado The mining industry had … Read more

Largest Mines in the World

Panorama of Grasberg mine

Mines are a significant contributor to a country’s economic growth and status. Despite some environmental issues and concerns, mining is still a thriving industry worldwide. Mining is, first and foremost, a source of mineral commodities essential for maintaining and improving their standards of living. Mined materials are used to construct roads and … Read more

What are the oldest mines the world?

Production of Salt Mine

Primitive miners dug out minerals using stone tools. Eventually, these were replaced with fire, clearing out tunnels and reaching them greater depths faster. Over 6000 years ago, Egyptians and Sumerians civilization started mining gold and silver from the ore. The gold mines in Nubia is the largest in Ancient Egypt. During Medieval times, the … Read more

Famous Gold Rush Towns You Can Visit

The Metropolitan City of Gold, Johannesburg

Gold rushes are one of the most unforgettable moments in history. It is the large-scale and rapid movement of fortune seekers to the sites of recently discovered gold deposits. The most famous gold rushes took place in California, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The treasure-hunting craze made the towns near the gold … Read more