How Long Is the Appalachian Mountain Range vs the Rocky Mountains

the Smoky Mountains National Park scenic sunrise landscape at the Oconaluftee Overlook

The United States is an enormous and geographically diverse nation with various landforms and climatic zones. The Sierra Nevada Range, the Rockies, the Cascade Range, the Appalachians, and the Coast Range are the five major mountain ranges in the United States. Today, we’ll look at the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, … Read more

Interesting Facts About Mountain Ranges

the Montes Alpes range, lying between crater Plato and crater Cassini

When you look at a world map, do you ever wonder what those wrinkle-like surfaces tracing the continents are? When you look at the images of the moon, do you ever think about the chain-like land masses spread in some regions of its face? Well, they are called mountain ranges. Mountain ranges … Read more

What are the mountain ranges on the Moon?

black and white, oblique view of southern Montes Caucasus, facing north

Early researchers and observers of the Moon assumed that the large flat plains on the lunar surface were seas because they did not know that water was absent on the Moon’s dry, airless surface. They named them “maria,” the Latin for “seas,” singular “mare” pronounced as “mah-ray,” not knowing that a totally … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in South America

blue sky, numerous brown-colored mountains

A mountain range refers to a series of diverse mountains aligned and joined together by a status. Different mountain ranges are found everywhere on the planet. Like the Andes, several mountain ranges, Cordillera Blanca, Mantiqueira Mountains, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and many more, are found in South America. 1. Andes Mountains The Andes range of mountains is perhaps the biggest and also the longest formation in South America. Its length reaches … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in Europe

view of the Alps mountains

Europe is pure magnificence when it comes to winter destinations as it is home to some of the world-class and extraordinary ski resorts, such as Zermatt in Switzerland, Courchevel Tourisme in France,  Innsbruck in Austria, and many more. Europe is a smorgasbord of rich culture, timeless structures like castles and cathedrals, beaches with the finest … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in Australia

aerial view of the long mountain ranges in Australia

Mountain Ranges are a group of mountains that are geographically close to each other, usually separated by valleys or mountain passes, referring to sample definition.With Australia being the largest country in Oceania and 6th in the whole world by total area, it’s bound to have a lot of them. Here are some of … Read more

What are the Longest Mountain Ranges in Antarctica

Transantarctic Mountains, Northern Victoria Land, view from close to Cape Roberts

Antarctica is the place of the extremes-coldest, driest, and windiest region, and home to the world’s most massive and mysterious landmasses on the planet. Antarctica’s frozen realm stretches out to cover over 14 million square kilometers, making it the fifth-largest continent in the world. The Antarctic Circle consistently has below zero temperature … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in Asia

Mountains and the Mount Everest

Covering over 17.2 million square miles, Asia is the largest continent on the planet. It constitutes one-third of the global dry land area and has one with the greatest population in the world. There are more than 4.5 billion people in Asia, or this constitutes about two-thirds of the global population. The … Read more

What are the Longest Mountain Ranges on Earth

The great dividing range in Australia

A mountain range is a chain of highlands that are close together. Most of the world’s mountain ranges are created when tectonic plates collide, forming massive land formations. The longest mountain range in the world is over 60,000 kilometers long. However, no one has ever set feet on there. Why? Because the … Read more

What are the tallest mountains in the solar system?

bumpy surface, high mountain peak

Some people probably do not know, but Earth is not the only planet with huge and tall mountains. There are other planets as well in our Solar System that have big towering mountains. If you think that Mount Everest, the mountain with the highest peak on Earth, is tall enough, you might consider … Read more

What are the longest mountain ranges in North America

a series of mountain tops

North America is the third-largest continent in the world. Its geography is as diverse as its culture. As a whole, North America’s physical geography can be divided into five different regions: the Caribbean, the eastern region, the Canadian mountain region, the Great plains, and the famous west filled with the continent’s mountains. … Read more

What are the tallest mountains on Mars?

A composite Viking orbiter image of Olympus Mons on Mars

As we all know, Earth, the only planet where life exists and thrive. People enjoy summer with countless pristine beaches, spend the winter holiday on some of the most excellent ski resorts in the world scattered on the different continents, or hike some mountains to witness outstanding vistas. Earth is truly a … Read more

What are the Ring of Fire Volcanoes?

Pacific Ring of Fire map

The Ring of Fire or sometimes called the circum-Pacific belt is composed of a long chain of volcanoes and other tectonically active structures surrounding the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most geologically active areas on Earth and is a place for frequent earthquakes and powerful volcanic eruptions. The long chain … Read more

What Are Supervolcanoes?

What Are Supervolcanoes?

All of us are familiar with what volcanoes are, but only few are aware of the existence of supervolcanoes. What made these volcanoes super? They erupt on a massive, 1,000 times more destructive scale than regular volcanoes. Supervolcanoes can produce an eruption with an ejecta volume of at least 1,000 cubic kilometers, … Read more

Top 20 North American Gold Rushes

Top 20 North American Gold Rushes

So what exactly is a Gold Rush?  A gold rush occurs when there is a new discovery of gold which causes people/miners to go into a rush to a head to an area and find gold in search of fortune. During these periods, people would migrate in large numbers to the reported … Read more

Interesting Facts about the 16 Decade Volcanoes

Interesting Facts about the 16 Decade Volcanoes

We all know that volcanoes, especially the active ones, pose risks and hazards to people living near them. Public awareness activities can be very helpful for the people to understand volcanoes so as to mitigate casualties and destruction of property. The international scientific societies knew this very well, this is why the … Read more

Tallest Mountains in Antarctica

Tallest Mountains in Antartica

Antarctica is the coldest continent on Earth. For sure, all its highest peaks would be some degrees below zero and the view from most summits is white snow everywhere. If there would be someone who has climbed all of them, he or she is would be the coolest mountaineer in the world. … Read more

Biblical Mountains

Biblical Mountains

The mountains have a significant connection to spirituality because it is the closest we can get to God and to the heavens. Many of the Bible’s crucial events often took place in the mountains. Indeed, these biblical mountains have become sacred places and sites for religious pilgrimages. 1. Mount Ararat This snow-capped … Read more

Mountain Naming Controversies

Mountain Naming Controversies

There is no specific rule that states how exactly should mountains be called. Some mountains are named after the person who first climbed or surveyed it, while others are named after its appearance and its prominent features. Some are named after gods, while some are named after the place where it is … Read more

How Did Mountains Form?

How Did Mountains Form?

It’s always a good feeling to behold the majestic beauty of a mountain. When you’re feeling stressed out with life, a climb to a mountain range would help you feel better, saner and more relaxed. Seeing the beauty of the earth from a mountain top gives you a better sense and appreciation … Read more

Amazing Mount Everest Survivals

Amazing Mount Everest Survivals

Being the highest mountain in the world, a trek up and about Mount Everest is surely a difficult, life-threatening feat. Even for experienced climbers, climbing the famous summit means risking their lives. Above around 8,000 meters is called the death zone – merely because oxygen is severely lacking up there. More than … Read more

Amazing Mountain Towns in the US

Amazing Mountain Towns in the US

It is not a big surprise that these towns have widely been considered as favorites by several tourists, or by others who have made them their home. So whether you plan to hit some skiing resort or just want to get away from the urban noise to experience a bit of peace, … Read more

Youngest Mountaineers in the World

Youngest Mountaineers in the World

Being a mountaineer requires physical and mental strength, as well as bravery, skill, and presence of mind. Before being able to climb, extensive physical training is needed, and most adults don’t find it easy. However, there are notable young people who have impressed the mountaineering society and surpassed most adults’ trekking achievements. … Read more

Best-Known Mountaineering Movies Ever Made

best known mountaineering movies ever made

Whether you are a seasoned mountaineer or just love the mountains, you will definitely enjoy (or probably have enjoyed) these mountaineering movies. If you haven’t climbed a mountain yet but have plans to, perhaps these mountaineering movies will let you have a sneak peek on what it’s like to have a mountaineering … Read more

Amazing Mountain Wildlife

amazing mountain wildlife

Alpine climate poses great challenges for the animals and plants to survive. They have to cope with harsh conditions such as thin air, rocky and infertile soils, fluctuating temperature, but mostly, extreme cold as well as snow and ice. Despite the inhospitable conditions, these animals and plants surprisingly manage to thrive well. … Read more

Incredible Underwater Volcanoes

incredible underwater volcanoes

You would not believe it, but underwater volcanoes (or submarine volcanoes) do exist! They can be formed due to several reasons. Here is the list of some of the incredible underwater volcanoes in the world: Molokini, Hawaii, USA Molokini is both an island and an underwater volcano in Maui County, Hawaii, USA. … Read more

Famous Mountain Climbers

Famous Mountain Climbers

Reaching to the top of some of the world’s highest peaks is not an easy task at all, it takes a lot of courage and pure dedication. Many people long to reach these highest mountains. There are many mountaineers who actively followed their passion and conquered the world’s highest peaks! Here are … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Rocky Mountains

Interesting Facts About The Rocky Mountains

The snow-capped Rocky Mountains aka the Rockies, is one of America’s major mountain ranges, stretching all the way from western Canada to the southwestern United States. Its scenic views make it one of the world’s most popular tourist spots. Here are some interesting facts about the Rocky Mountains: Length The Rocky Mountains … Read more

Amazing Volcano Lakes

Amazing Volcano Lakes

Any volcanic crater or “caldera” that is filled with water is called a volcano lake. How could something so beautiful emerge from a natural catastrophe? With the aquamarine to azure waters surrounded by volcanic walls or lush forests, volcano lakes are nothing short of amazing. Here are some of the most stunning … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Swiss Alps

Interesting facts about the swiss alps

The Swiss Alps or simply the Alps, are Europe’s highest, greatest and most famous mountain range. It spans approximately 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) across eight nations: Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco. The high peaks and the grand, awe-inspiring views have made the Alps a popular tourist and sports … Read more