A Guide to Skeleton: A Winter Sport

A Guide to Skeleton

Skeleton probably tops the list of all intense and thrilling games at the Winter Olympics. Though the list includes some other fast and dangerous games, such as snowboarding and cross-country skiing, the skeleton has the player inches away from the hard rigid ice. Accidents happen in the skeleton, and the players hitting … Read more

Ski Jumping: Interesting Facts and History

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a game in which the competitor aims to have the longest jump over a specially constructed ramp. The athlete’s style and other factors contribute to the overall scoring as well. Ski jumping is one of the most well-known and recognizable winter games. All around the world, 25 to 30 … Read more

History of Bobsledding

History of Bobsledding

Bobsledding, also referred to as bobsleighing, is a sport of sliding down on a natural or artificial incline covered with ice on a four-runner sled that supports either two or four men. Sled is also known as bob, bobsleigh, and bobsled. Bobsledding is a dangerous, enraged, and exciting. Bobsledding includes two or … Read more

Ice Hockey: Interesting Facts and History

Ice Hockey

Most of the people have heard about the famous Canadian game, ice hockey. But many of them do not realize that this particular sport holds a great history with it. It is not something that people just made, but it took a long process for ice hockey to become what it is … Read more

What is Figure Skating?

What is Figure Skating

Figure skating is a unique combination of ice skating and ballet. It has been around for a very long time. Each year during the Olympic season, many artists compete in the disciplines of this fascinating field of dance. How figure skating was introduced, and what are different aspects of it? Let’s learn. … Read more

What is Slopestyle?

What is Slopestyle

Slopestyle is a kind of freeskiing that is very popular in the regions of the United States and Canada. It is essentially a fun combination of snowboarding and skiing. This sport involves jumps, tricks, and other attention-grabbing stunts. And even though it holds great importance now, it took a long journey to … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Pikes Peak

Beginner Mountain

Located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, in North America, Pikes Peak is thought to be the highest summit in the area. It is a popular choice for people who are considering going for mountain climbing. Surrounded by a forest, the peak rises to a height of 11, 115 ft. … Read more

Beginner Mountain: Guide to Climbing Mount Sandakphu

Guide to Climbing Mount Sandakphu

If you ever decide to explore the wonderful marvels found throughout South Asia, be sure to visit the intimidating site that holds Mount Sandakphu. Situated in West Bengal, a state of India, Sandakphu is the highest natural point in the region. It is conveniently located near the Singalila National Park. For enthusiastic … Read more