Mountain Climbing

Guide to Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a national scenic long-distance trail winding nearly 2,220 miles through the Appalachian Mountain range in the…

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Staying Hydrated when Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the great outdoor activities that many people enjoy. Aside from the difficulty of the trail,…

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Amazing Mount Everest Survivals

Being the highest mountain in the world, a trek up and about Mount Everest is surely a difficult, life-threatening feat.…

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Best Mountains for Beginners

Are you ready to take on summits all over the world to start your climbing career? Start slow and low,…

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Mountain Climbing Safety Tips for First Timers

Planning to go mountain trekking for the first time? It may be exciting, as you’re looking forward to the stunning…

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Youngest Mountaineers in the World

Being a mountaineer requires physical and mental strength, as well as bravery, skill, and presence of mind. Before being able…

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Best-Known Mountaineering Movies Ever Made

Whether you are a seasoned mountaineer or just love the mountains, you will definitely enjoy (or probably have enjoyed) these…

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How to Select Best Climbing Equipment

Climbing equipment purchase is very important for the safety of the climber. The cost is not always the important part…

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Mountain Climbing from Novice to Experts

Mountain climbing is an exciting sport! You might start as a novice but with practice and going on to different…

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Mountain Climbing – Best Mountains to Climb in the World!

Mountain climbing is a great and adventurous activity. Many are interested in mountain climbing, but only a few make it…

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Mountain Climbing – Equipment Advice

Mountain climbing is a great sport and adventurous sport. It is not the job of a novice to climb the…

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Best Spots for Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing to beginners and experts alike The mountain that you climb should be based on your experience and the…

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