What are the longest mountain ranges in South America

mountain range refers to a series of diverse mountains aligned and joined together by a status. Different mountain ranges are found everywhere on the planet. Like the Andes, several mountain ranges, Cordillera Blanca, Mantiqueira Mountains, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and many more, are found in South America.

1. Andes Mountains

The Andes range of mountains is perhaps the biggest and also the longest formation in South America. Its length reaches six countries, namely Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela. The highest peak of this range is the Aconcagua.

2. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’s formation is alleged to be one of the world’s highest coastal mountain ranges. This is an isolated mountain range found in Colombia. This mountain range’s highest peak is the Pico Simon Bolivar.

3. Cordillera Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca, also referred to as the “white range,” is a mountain range located in Peru. This range is a part of the larger Andes range. Its highest peak is the Huascarán, which is also the highest mountain in Peru.

4. Mantiqueira Mountains

This mountain chain is found in Southeastern Brazil. The Mantiqueira range of mountains contains many springs and streams that offer water to several cities in southeastern Brazil. The highest peak of the Mantiqueira mountain range is the Pedra da Mina.

5. Cordillera Huayhuash

Cordillera Huayhuash is also located in Peru and is also within the Andes range. This mountain range has seven peaks, but its highest peak is the Yerupajá.

6. Cordillera Paine

This mountain range is found in Torre del Paine national park in Patagonia, Chile. The range has a blue appearance, which explains the name “Paine.” The highest peak of Cordillera Paine is Cerro Paine Grande.

7. Serra do Mar

The Serra do Mar is another mountain range located in Brazil. The range lies parallel to the Atlantic, which explains the name the Serra do Mar, which means “sea ridge.” The range’s highest peak is the Pico Paraná Mountain.

8. Cordillera Occidental

This mountain range is found in Bolivia and is also a part of the Andes range. The highest peak of the Cordillera Occidental mountain chain is Nevada Sajama.

9. Cordillera Real

Cordillera Real is a mountain range that’s also located in Bolivia. This range consists of fold mountains that are mostly made from granite. The highest peak of Cordillera Real is Illimani.

10. Wilhelmina Mountains

The Wilhelmina Mountains, also called Wilhelminagebergte, is found in Sipaliwini, a central Suriname village. This formation was named after Queen Wilhelmina, the queen of the Netherlands. The highest peak of the mountain range is Julianatop Mountain.

11. Espinhaço Mountains

The mountain range of Espinhaço is found in Brazil. Its highest peak is the Pico do Sol Mountain.

12. Cordillera Negra

The Cordillera Negra, also referred to as the “black range,” is found in Peru and is also a part of the larger Andes. Its highest peak is Quñuqranra Mountain.

13. Serranía del Perijá

This range is considered as the extension of the eastern Andes mountain range. Its highest peak is Cerro de las Tetas.

14. Sierras de Córdoba

This formation is found within the central part of Argentina. The highest peak of Sierras de Córdoba is Mount Champaquí.

15. Cordillera del Cóndor

Cordillera del Cóndor is a mountain chain located between Ecuador and Peru. This mountain range is the international border between the two countries.

16. Cordillera de Lípez

This mountain range is found in Bolivia and northern Argentina and is also a part of the larger Andes. Its highest peak is Uturunku Mountain.

17. Cordillera Domeyko

The Cordillera Domeyko is a mountain range located in northern Chile. It’s also a part of the larger Andes. The Cerro Quimal Mountain is its highest peak.

18. Wickham Heights

Wickham Heights is a rugged mountain range located in the Falkland Islands. This mountain range’s highest peak is Mount Usborne.

19. Hornby Mountains

This mountain range is found on the west side of the Falkland Islands. Its highest peak is Mount Maria.

20. Serranía del Baudó

Serranía del Baudó is a mountain chain located in the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Its highest peak is Alto de Buey Mountain.

21. Serranía de la Macarena

This chain is found in Colombia. It takes after the name of la Macarena, the virgin of Hope. The best peak of Serranía de la Macarena is the El Gobernador.

22. Serranía de Macuira

Serranía de Macuira is a mountain range located in the town of Uribia in northern Colombia. This mountain chain is situated within the middle of a desert. Its highest point is Cerro Paluou.