What are the tallest mountains in the solar system?

Some people probably do not know, but Earth is not the only planet with huge and tall mountains. There are other planets as well in our Solar System that have big towering mountains. If you think that Mount Everest, the mountain with the highest peak on Earth, is tall enough, you might consider rethinking after learning about some of the highest peaks in our Solar System.

Olympus Mons

This mountain is on Mars. It is the planet’s largest volcano, not to mention the tallest mountain in the Solar System too. This shield volcano’s height is almost 25 kilometers, double the size of Mount Everest on Earth.

Rheasilvea Mons

The Rheasilvea Mons is located on the asteroid Vesta, the second-largest asteroid that revolves around the Sun. Its peak measures 22.5 kilometers. Astronomers often say that Rheasilvea Mons is the tallest mountain in the Solar System, but it is difficult to tell since measuring the mountains’ height in outer space is quite a tough thing to do.

Equatorial Ridge of Iapetus

Iapetus, from the name “Titan Iapetus,” is one of Saturn’s natural satellites. This equatorial ridge that can be seen in Saturn’s Moon reaches approximately 20 kilometers high.

Astraeus Mons

Astraeus Mons is also one of the volcanoes that can be seen on Mars. It is the second-largest volcano on Mars and is also the tallest among the Tharsis Montes, the three shield volcanoes that can be seen in the Tharsis region of the planet. This mountain is 11.3 miles high.

Boösaule Montes

This mountain is also called “South.” Aside from this mountain, two other mountains are connected by a raised plane in Jupiter’s Moon. Boösaule Montes is the tallest non-volcanic mountain that is found in Jupiter’s Moon that is called Io. Its height ranges from 17.5 kilometers to 18.2 kilometers.

Elysium Mons

Elysium Mons is a volcano located on the Elysium Planitia, a region in Mars’s eastern hemisphere. Its height is 12.6 kilometers, making it the highest volcano in the Elysium region.

Arsia Mons

Arsia Mons is one of the volcanoes and the second tallest of the Tharsis Montes. It is located on the southernmost part of the Tharsis Montes. The Arsia Mons has a height of 11.7 kilometers.

Pavonis Mons

Pavonis Mons or the “peacock mountain” is one of the Tharsis Montes volcanoes and the shortest among the three. It is situated between Ascreaus Mons and the Arsia Mons. This mountain is 8.4 kilometers tall.

Maxwell Montes

Maxwell Montes is a mountain range on the planet Venus. The length of this mountain range is about 852 kilometers. The highest peak of this massif is the Skadi Mons. The mountain Skadi Mons is about 10.7 kilometers tall.

Mauna Kea

This mountain is one of the Earth’s finest. If we measure from the sea level, this mountain would be higher than Himalaya’s Mount Everest. Mauna Kea is a volcano found in Hawaii that measures 10.2 kilometers from the sea level.

Maat Mons

Maat Mons, named after the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, is an enormous shield volcano located in Venus. It follows Skadi Mons as the highest mountain on Venus, and it is also the highest volcano on the planet with a height of approximately 4.9 kilometers.

Mons Huygens

Mons Huygens is probably the tallest hill on the Moon with an elevation of 5.5 kilometers. It is found in the Moon’s mountain range that is called the Montes Apenninus.

Ahuna Mons

Ahuna Mons is a mountain located in Ceres, an asteroid and also a dwarf planet. With a height of about 4 kilometers, Ahuna Mons is considered the largest mountain on the dwarf planet.

Tenzing Montes

Tenzing Montes is a mountain located on the dwarf planet Pluto. Since it is situated in Pluto, the mountains are expected to be made up of water ice. The mountain has a height of 6.2 kilometers.

Mithrim Montes

This is a mountain range in the largest Moon of Saturn, which is named Titan. It is found just near the Moon’s equator, in the region of Xanadu. The highest peak of the mountain range located in the south of the chain is approximately 3.3 kilometers.

Caloris Montes

Caloris Montes is also a mountain range located on the planet Mercury. The length of the range is about 1000 kilometers to the northeast of the Shakespeare region. The peak of the chain is not less than 3 kilometers.