Unusual Tools That Might Be Useful During Hiking

One of the best ways to stay fit and boost your spirit is to regularly engage in hiking activities. Outdoor hiking is not only a great way to sweat, lose weight, and strengthen the body, but it is also a wonderful way to divert yourself from the busy urban life and heavy workload. Seeing picturesque views, getting in touch with nature, and breathing fresh air are invaluable experiences that hiking can surely offer.

Hiking is similar to doing an intensive cardio workout, which means it can help lower the risk of heart disease, improve blood pressure, strengthen the core, among other benefits. If you want a good start, begin your hiking journey with a slow, short-distance hike, and eventually, try hiking the trails in hills, mountains, or other uneven terrains.

As a beginner, or even a regular hiker, it is a good idea to consider possessing some unusual but helpful hiking tools that can make your experience free from worry and inconvenience. Here is a shortlist of essential tools to consider bringing in every hiking activity.


When you inadvertently misplace keys to a lock in the middle of a forest after a long hike, it obviously becomes a huge problem on how you will open your secured bag. With lockpicks in your possession, there is no need to worry anymore because the situation can be handled without worry and hassle. And who knows, you might also come across an abandoned house while on trail. That house might be worth exploring and in emergency cases, if might be your shelter. Lockpicking tools come in different forms, such as the half-diamond, deforest diamond, and the L-Rake.

Altimeter Watch

Altimeter watches basically tell your hiking progress. Another term for computer watches, altimeter watches have all the features of a basic timekeeper as well as great add-ons such as a built-in thermometer, a barometer, and a digital compass. Some altimeter watches even have a weather forecast feature that can give an idea what course of action to take based on the expected weather. Aside from the mentioned features, this kind of watch can help determine one’s elevation by measuring air pressure through a sensor.


If you intend to spend days in the wild, the opportunity to take a closer look at nature and what it has to offer, especially those unusual species of animals inhabiting the forests and the mountains, is not something one wants to miss. Buying binoculars is a good investment if you plan to regularly hike to distant places. With binoculars in hand, this will provide the chance to get closer to nature while staying safe from danger. In purchasing binoculars, consider the magnification ratings and the weight of the object.

Trekking Poles

One of the usual concerns for beginners is the difficulty of the hiking process itself. Climbing high places and intimidating terrains can be discouraging in the absence of safety tools or equipment. Trekking poles will help ease the hiking experience, as it is made to provide extra stability to hikers wherever they go. By applying the proper grip on the poles and the right amount of motion, hiking becomes a safer experience.

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