Unusual Mountain Homes


Mountain houses are the homes of some of the most adventurous and thrilling people on Earth. These houses are considered quite dangerous considering the surroundings and the landscape on which they are built. Below is a list of some of the best homes in the world that have been built on the Mountains. These unusual but amazing mountains and cliff houses give the true meaning of “living on the edge” (literally). Check out these houses and be amazed!

The Cliff House

This humble abode aptly named “Cliff House” is a five-story home that clings precariously to the edge of the cliff at a coast in Australia. This modern house is not for the faint-heart, but if you are daring enough to step inside it, you will be rewarded with stunning ocean views. This is one of the most expensive houses built on a mountain. This home is built beyond the edge of the mountain. Below it, there is no solid landscape or base, and it is in the air. It is connected with the mountain from one side only which makes it dangerous yet thrilling at the same time.

The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Among the most famous cliff or mountain, homes are the “Hanging Houses of Cuenca” or Casas Colgadas (“Hanged Houses”), a complex of houses located in the city of Cuenca in central Spain. Although their origins are uncertain, it is thought that these houses have been existing since the 15th century. They stand precariously high above a ravine of the Huecar river. These hanging houses are not as dangerous as the Cliff House above, but they still stand at the very edge of the mountain. The scenic view from these homes is amazing.


Manarola is a frazione (small town) in the province of La Spezia, northern Italy. The town is the second smallest of the popular line of Cinque Terre towns. It is known for its picturesque seaside villages that stand atop a cliff. Even though there is less population around and there is less connection with the city, the people living over here are well-satisfied with their living standards and do not want to move away from here. Manarola is a place which should be the main priority for every traveler to see. This town is also known for the winter difficulties where there is snowfall at this mountain closing down major roads for traveling purposes.

The House Holman

Another modern cliff house in Australia is the “House Holman,” designed by the architecture firm Durbach Block Jaggers. It sits atop the 70-meter cliff at Dover Heights, New South Wales. The living and dining rooms jut out above the ocean, which gives breathtaking views of the coast. It is one of the most jaw-dropping places on earth because of its beautiful structure and coastal view. This mountain home stands as one of the most luxurious ones. It even has its swimming pool which is quite cool. Dover Heights has a lot of seaside residential buildings located on top of the cliffs, but none of them looks as quite dangerous as “House Holman.”

Limestone Cliffs, France

One of the popular tourist sights in Bonifacio, in the French island of Corsica, is the line of houses standing precariously on top of the limestone cliffs. These houses look like they’re on the brink of falling. However, they still stand strong despite the constant beatings by the Mediterranean Sea waves. These houses are especially known for the strong structure which has kept them from breaking despite sea waves. One is always scared while stepping in these houses because they look like they can fall anytime.

The Phuktal Monastery

Although not exactly residential, the Phuktal (or Phugtal) Monastery is what the Buddhist monks call home. Located in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, Northern India, this monastery is quite remote that it is only accessible by foot. The word “Phuktal” is derived from the word “phuk” which means “cave,” as the monastery is built on the mouth of a natural cave present in the cliff. The cave also features a natural spring which the monks considered sacred.

The Meteora

If you want to see out-of-this-world rock formations, then you should put “The Meteora” in your bucket list. The Meteora (which means “suspended in the air” in Greek) is a group of high monolithic rock pillars. On top of some of these pillars and cliffs are a number of ancient Greek Orthodox monasteries.

These homes are a famous tourist point and are a major sign of Greek culture and heritage. One of these monasteries is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity (pictured), which was built in the 15th century. These old structures are quite appealing for those who are interested in historical artifacts. There are six monasteries which have been built on natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders.

The Castellfollit de la Roca

The small municipality of Castellfollit de la Roca (population: 1,1013 as of 2013) in Catalonia, Spain is situated on top of the basalt crag which is as high as 50 meters (164 feet). This is quite high, but the people living over here don’t have any fears and are now accustomed to the difficult lifestyle in the area.

Cliff House, California

The “Cliff House” is a restaurant in California, sitting on top of the cliff that overlooks the Ocean Beach. In 1896 the house was rebuilt as a grand Victorian-style palace. However, it was burned to the ground in 1907. The “Cliff House” was soon rebuilt, but this time in a Neo-Classical architecture which is the basis of the building’s current style. This restaurant is mainly known for the amazing view rather than its food. People from all over the world come here to see this place.

The uncompleted house of Robert Bruno

Robert Bruno was an American sculptor and inventor who moved to Lubbock, Texas to teach at a local tech university. In 1973 he started building his unusual-shaped house which took after the style of one of his art pieces. The house is constructed with weathering steel. Sadly, Bruno died in 2008, leaving the house incomplete. Since then, the house has not been properly completed, but the structure still stands as one of the most unique and strong ones. Despite a major earthquake, the structure is still there like it was semi-built.

The house overlooks the rim of the Ransom Canyon, a town 15 miles east of Lubbock. It is often the favorite site of professional photographers who do photo-shoots with their models. This house is also used sometimes for the shooting of action films. The appealing design with a different background is something that attracts photographers and models to shoot here rather than any other location.


The houses mentioned above are some of the most dangerous places on Earth. People consider these houses as a tourism point and visit them. We recommend that everyone should visit at least one of these unique mountain homes once in a lifetime. We hope you have a great and fun-filled experience!