Truck Camping Guide

After months of being bored and cooped up, everyone needs to escape to have a great outdoor adventure to soothe their soul and feel almost normal.

Well, what can be more safest and hottest than having an adventure truck camping in the covid-19?

Truck camping is an exciting and helpful way to explore the adventure and enjoy the trip’s thrilling moments. It also gives us the freedom to set up whenever we choose, and the journey becomes more comfortable when we are equipped with high-quality gear and follow the proper guidelines.

You might be thinking what are the essential things one should follow while planning the truck camping?

In this article, we come up with the best checklist that provides you the safest truck camping.

Safety tips:

In covid-19, whether you are traveling in the air, still safety rules apply, if you’re camping with friends and family, mask up.

Before planning the camping trip, make sure to follow all the safety measures and SOPs.

Leaving your home means you are more vulnerable to the virus and don’t let the coronavirus spoil your trip.

One should be super careful, you might follow all the SOPs, but no one knows who can be the coronavirus carrier, so make your own hygiene pack and carry while enjoying the truck camping.

If there are other campers, maintain social distancing, you can have a chat and dinner with them, but make sure you follow the SOPs.

If you are camping in a remote location, there might be chances the snakes, coyotes, and birds can sneak into your camping site, so be prepared for that.

On top of that, you must prepare for the sudden storms, uninvited rain, which is a real threat, especially when you’re out camping in the dark.

Here are some essentials safety tips ;

  • Mask up, bring a hygiene pack containing sanitizer and other stuff that helps you keep healthy while enjoying the camping.
  • Keep your food sealed so that the animals don’t get the smell. Don’t keep it in the place where you’re sleeping; you can hang it on your camp.
  • If you plan camping in the winter, make sure you have enough gear that helps you keep warm.
  • Warm-up with layers of clothes and have waterproof clothing on top of it.
  • Avoid getting wet or wipe up immediately, as the cold weather can drain all your energy.
  • Make sure you carry high-quality and top-rated sleeping bags and are compatible to survive under cold weather.
  • Don’t forget to a cooler and stay hydrated if you’re camping in hot areas.
  • Campfire is exciting but make sure it is fully extinguished before you go to your bed.

Travel with essential Gear

Here is a list of the essential Gear on should carry;

  • Make sure you travel with a high-quality, weather-resistant truck tent or truck bed camper. Kodiak canvas truck tent is one of the best camping tents that let you enjoy your camping even under the most challenging weather conditions. You can read a complete¬†Kodiak canvas truck tent review.
  • You must have a couple of foldable chairs, a regular pillow, and a cotton sheet that helps you cover up yourself.
  • You will need a truck bed inverter and a dual battery that help you charge your phone, GPS, and using lights in the tent.
  • I love to travel with a couple of rechargeable non-mounted LED lanterns, which are more than enough to provide me with a light for extended runtime.
  • The best GPS helps you navigate on the right track and prevent you from getting lost.
  • A deep cycle marine battery and a battery isolator so that you don’t drain the truck’s battery.
  • Ensure your truck is equipped with some other helpful tools such as jumper cables, fire extinguishers, snow chains, tool kits, universal lug wrenches, come road safety reflectors, etc.
  • I love to travel with wind and rain jackets that help me to survive the harshest weather conditions. A pair of hiking shoes are also recommended.

Truck camping is one of the hottest outdoor activities among people. If you’re planning to have long trips means you need to be more careful.

After all, enjoying a thrilling moment of camping, music around the campfire with friends and family, fishing, and hunting leave lasting fond memories and soothe our soul.

Have the safest outdoor trip!!