Travel in the High Alpine Resort Town, St. Moritz

If you are looking for a spa town, a winter sports destination, or even a beautiful blue sky with warm sunshine, then maybe St. Moritz is the answer to your call.

St. Moritz is a high Alpine resort town that is in Engadin valley in Switzerland. It has an elevation of 1,822 meters above sea level. St. Moritz lies below the Piz Nair, one of the mountains of the Albula Alps. This town’s view consists of the beautiful snowy valley of the Upper Engadin and the calm enchanting waters of Lake St. Moritz.

St. Moritz is popular among tourists. It has hosted the Winter Olympics not only once, but twice, in 1928 and 1948. This town is also well known for its mineral springs that were discovered 3,000 years ago, which made this town a famous summer spa resort. It was also in St. Moritz that the very first electric light of Switzerland was switched on. This town is also where Europe’s first-ever Palace Hotel was established. These are only some of the historical events that took place in St. Moritz.

Best Places to Visit When You’re in St. Moritz

Ski Resorts

Being able to host two Winter Olympics, St. Moritz is, without a doubt, a good place to enjoy winter sports like skiing. Corviglia Snow Park is one of the finest ski resorts located at the mountain station Corviglia, St. Moritz. It offers beginner-friendly obstacles but also 30 obstacles that give thrills to pro skiers. It also has plenty of boxes and rails, a range of kickers, and more, which can certainly give fun and a great experience for the whole family.

Lake St. Moritz

When the blue skies and the warm rays of sunshine are out, Lake St. Moritz is definitely one of the best places to visit. You can trek with your friends or your family along the edges of the lake. The trail is approximately 5 kilometers, so it would probably take you an hour or two, depending on how frequently you stop to take pictures and admire the wonderful scenery in this lake.

Segantini Museum

In the late 19th century, the painter Giovanni Segantini created numerous paintings that show the beautiful views around the Engadin. The museum was built in 1908 in honor of the late Segantini, who passed away in the same location where he was finishing his most famous series, the Alpine Triptych, Life – Nature – Death. The building was designed based on the drawings the artist created. This museum consists of Giovanni Segantini’s massive collection of his art, which never fails to impress St. Moritz’s people.

Glacier Express

Glacier Express is an express train that has one of the most scenic train journeys. This rail journey connects two mountain resorts in Switzerland, the St. Moritz that leads to the mountain resort in Zermatt, and this is via Andermatt in the central Swiss Alp. The train ride lasts for almost 8 hours, but the good thing is that the route offers astonishing panoramic views satisfying to the eyes.

Leaning Tower of St. Moritz

If you think that only Italy has a leaning tower, that is where you are wrong. The Leaning Tower of St. Moritz is a 33-meter high leaning tower that tilts 5.5%, which is more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s tilt in Italy. The leaning tower was originally a part of the old Church of St Mauritius, which was demolished in the 1890s. The Leaning Tower, located in Via Maistra 29, 7500 St Moritz, Switzerland, is a landmark in St. Moritz for centuries and is still one of the town’s head-turning sights.

Mountain Biking

With the numerous trails spreading across St. Moritz’s mountain, we can’t deny that mountain biking is one of the most favorite activities of tourists in St. Moritz during the summer season. The biking trails in St. Moritz include the mountains of Corviglia, Piz Nair, and Las Trais Fluors. If you are not a fan of high-speed bike descents, Corvigilia Mountain is an ideal bike trail for you. This is also a good biking trail for kids as young as 12 who are just beginning mountain biking. But if you are a fan of hardened trails, bikers can set a course for the St. Moritz Railway Tour.

Being the world’s number one Alpine holiday destination, St. Moritz surely offers an incredible amount of fun and exciting activities perfect for your family getaway. Not only is this town an ideal holiday destination, but it is also one of the best places to have your summer vacations because of its alluring mountains and its warm and serene rural view.