Top Deer Attractants for Shotgun Hunting

Hunting during ancient and medieval times happened for sustenance and entertainment for the elites. Today, hunting is a good sporting activity that can reward you with pelts and souvenirs.

However, deer can be elusive creatures, especially with the spread of buildings and dwindling forests. If you’re hoping to hunt a deer without any extra equipment, you may have to wait days or even weeks before you make your first shot.

Investing in a good deer attractant can aid you in hunting deer efficiently and in less time. Top deer attractants have different qualities and features that can aid your short-term or long-term deer hunting plans.

What Do You Want to Achieve with Your Deer Attractant?

To make your selection process efficient, you should consider what qualities you’re looking for in the ideal deer attractant. They can include:

  • Protein that can help fatten deer
  • Provides essential nutrients for deer
  • Environmental benefits
  • Level of attractiveness it poses for deer
  • Range

When you’ve narrowed down the factors to consider, finding the ideal attractant for your requirements becomes quicker.

Type of Attractant

There are mainly three types of attractants you can use for hunting and attracting deer to your location. First, you can plant food for the deer if you have a permanent plot or area to attract them all year round.

Or, if you like to hunt in different locations, getting a spray to camouflage your scent and attract deer is suitable. You can also get food attractants like jam to cover food or other items (trees, plants) to coax deer to come.

Depending on the amount of time and climate you’re in, your needs for a deer attractant can differ.

Attractant Power

Not all deer attractants have the same power when it comes to attracting deer. Some may grow fast but not do a good job in attracting hordes of deer to your land. Others may have been well researched and require additional resources, but succeed in attracting deer all around the year to your plot.

You must find out what types of deer usually inhabit the area you intend to plant the deer attractant in.

If you’re planning to get a scent attractant or food attractant, consider the range that the attractant will cover and how strong the aroma will be.


Depending on the area you intend to cover with it, you may need a bigger or small-sized pouch of deer attractant. These come at different rates, and the quality of the attractant can also affect its price point.

Inexpensive variants are good for the short-term, while pricier options are more durable and resilient, making them perfect long-term options.

With scent attractants, depending on the power of their aroma and what range they cover, the price can be different. Both scent and food attractants come in different sizes, and the price can vary depending on that.

Get the Top Deer Attractants for Your Hunting Needs

Consider the climate of when and where you’re going hunting, too, so you can choose the top deer attractants for your hunting needs.

Hunting for deer doesn’t have to be tough or time-consuming when you have the ideal accessories for your hunting trip.