The Game-Changer Of Supercharged Turbo Engines

Cars are not only a means of basic necessity or luxury anymore. It has become a passion sector for many. People live to improvise their vehicles and make the most out of the engines. Tesla, Ford, Lamborghini, and other leading car companies are racing minds to bring one more mile out of the machine, to lose one more kilogram from the chassis to make the aerodynamic performance better. The users are also not lagging in working on their pieces to keep them functioning and work better for years. So, upgrading the old diesel engines with powerful turbochargers is nothing new. But, the hassle comes with it. Your car engine is not ready to take the extra load of the turbochargers, and it may cause reduced functionality of your machine. If you want to know the best ways to solve the issues, please scroll below to know the details.

It would be best if you had head studs.

The above discussion may look like the head studs are responsible for reducing the engine functions to several degrees. It is valid to some extent. But, if you believe in quality over time, then the head studs are a must for you. Especially if you own a Ford with a diesel engine and improve the speed and engine efficiency, then a set of arp head studs Cummins is essential for your truck. It will lessen the pressure between the head and lock and thus reduce the head shaft’s chances of coming out of the bolt.

The installation process of arp head studs

To start installing the head stud kits, you need to remove the decorative pieces and open the shaft. Remove the Multi-piece valve corner also to gain full access to the engine panel. You may have to remove the EGR tube in some engines. It is temporary, and you can reinstall the EGR tube after attaching the studs in place.

Power off

Before starting the actual installation, you need to switch off all the power supply cords, fuel injectors, and harness leads. It will prevent any short circuits or mishaps. After you finish removing the tubes, then proceed to unbolt the rocker box, assemble and dig down more to reach the top of the engine’s head. There are two hands on the rocker box, and with each hand, you also have to bring out the pushrods and valve bridges. It would be best if you put them aside one by one to get more comfortable when you have to attach them back together.


Once you finish removing all the parts, you have to replace the head bolts with the new arp head studs with a ratchet’s help. Only the hand pressure is enough to put the studs in place; you don’t need to torque them inside. Your truck is now ready to run on superchargers with the head studs. But, you can add more than six inches studs near the exhaust cylinder and outside the valve to give an extra push and act as a backup.


Most mechanics and car lovers love the arp head studs to improve the performance of the car. It is cost-effective and handy simultaneously as you can use the fuel to top up the gear or boost the engine without adding extra weight to the truck. The head studs also help your vehicle handle the excessive pull between the head, gas casket, and blocks. So, arp head studs are the best speed booster for the diesel engines on the street. Besides, choosing the right support for your engines is very important.