Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Overview of the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

As its name says, the vast natural area is in southern Alaska, in the U.S., on the Gulf of Alaska, where a place represents 3.3 million miles of glaciers, among other natural phenomena. “White Thunder” as the indigenous Tlingit people call this rugged, snow-capped mountains reaching 15,000 feet high slope down to … Read more

Denali Expedition

Denali Mountain covered with snow

Location: Alaska, USA.  At the Denali National Park and Reserve, which has a surface area of 24,464 km2 and is 290km away from Anchorage. Elevation: 20,310 ft. / 6190 m Best time to climb: Being icy year-round, summer makes an ideal time to climb the mountain, especially between May and July. The … Read more