Six Tips for Dealing with a Garage Door Repair Emergency

When you wake up in the morning, prepare and get ready for your day – it is unlikely that you are expecting to head out to your garage only to find it inoperable and your vehicle trapped inside. When something like this happens, it sets off a chain reaction – first is shocked, then frustration, and maybe some anger and sadness. Still, regardless of how you feel and the excellent inconvenience garage door emergencies cause, they need legitimate troubleshooting for a solution.

Completing an investigation into your garage door malfunction or breakdown can be a lot to take on by yourself, and often, it is best to have some added support from a team of people who know what they are doing! Generally, homeowners are tempted to figure things out for themselves. Still, in a state of emergency, it is a sound idea to locate a garage door company in Aurora, CO, that can assist with your garage door problems. When an emergency occurs, having the right team behind you can make a significant difference and help resolve your issues, returning your garage door back to its original state!

Manual Opening of Your Garage Door

When your garage door breaks down or won’t open, and you need to get somewhere, most garage door manufacturing companies are one step ahead of you – they make it simple for homeowners to open their garage doors when issues arise. The cord that is hanging towards your opener is the key to pulling your garage door open again! It is reasonably easy to maneuver so long as there are no issues with your tracks or rollers.

You may need someone in the household to help bear the weight and a ladder but simply grab onto the red handle and tug at it. The rope allows the garage door to disengage from its regular operating systems so homeowners can open and close it. This kind of garage system can alter how the door is opened and shut manually, but to remain safe throughout these procedures, unplug your operating systems to prevent any accidents.

Emergency Release with Screw Drive Opening Systems

A screw drive operating system will require a lever to be used to detach and reattach – this is a more detailed process, and it is essential to procure assistance from experts when in a pinch. In other cases, homeowners must access their garage and pull that emergency release lever to disengage the opening systems. This allows you to access the garage door manually. You can then approach the door and utilize its handle to pull it open or closed. When re-engaging the systems – push that lever forward towards the garage door opener system for its usual operations.

 Emergency Release for Belt and Chain Systems

Belt and chain drive opening systems are a little different- you will have access to a cord and need to pull it in a downward motion while simultaneously pushing it toward the garage door. It sounds a little weird, and this is why calling on a professional garage door company in your area is often the most secure and convenient decision. When attempting to re-engage its systems, you will need to pull it back down and directly towards the garage opening system.

Manual Opening from Outside of Your Garage Door

If you are returning home after a long day of work or play, you are probably excited to return to your safe zone and prepare for the end of the day. When your garage door isn’t opening, only opening halfway, or the motor is constantly running – you don’t have many options. You must be inside the garage area and access the emergency release to open it manually. It is best to reach out to a garage door pro to come out, investigate, diagnose, and repair the issue.

Garage Door Safety & Security

Garage doors provide security – they protect our vehicles, anything stored in the garage, and access to the inside of our homes. They act as a gateway to the home’s interior and defend the property. When you are experiencing any kind of garage door emergency, it is easy to feel out of control of the situation, and suddenly, the safety of your household feels compromised. If you have to open and close your garage door manually, you are stuck in a place where the garage is no longer secure, and just about anyone could access your property as well. This is where you need to acknowledge the importance of contacting local garage technicians for support in resolving your garage door repairs!

Knowing When It’s Time to Call the Garage Professionals

Anytime you’re dealing with garage door emergencies, several obstacles are in your way. Crossing these challenges requires specific knowledge, skills, and experience, which can only be obtained through professionals’ proper licensing and certifications. Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply services Aurora and the Denver metro area with superior garage door emergencies, repairs, and replacements. Without reliable experts to guide you through the process, it is easy to get lost. Don’t let a garage door emergency wreck your day; contact a local specialist to provide the necessary support and repair your garage so you can get back to your regularly scheduled life!