Looking for a place everyone can enjoy? How about Gandikota!

We all have dream vacations, but with the pandemic, it has become very hard to achieve them. One of the most popular places visited in the US is the Grand Canyon. If that has been a destination you want to head to but cannot for whatever reason, you might want to take a closer look at what Gandi Kota can offer you! Its name comes from Gandi meaning canyon and Kota meaning fort, named for the fort built there. Often referred to as India’s Grand Canyon it is a stunning place with more to enjoy than just the gorge, old buildings, places of worship, a lot of wildlife including various species of birds and for the especially brave a great opportunity for outdoor adventuring.

Travelling to Gandikota

To get there you should travel to Hyderabad or Bangalore and then travel by car or train to Jammalamadugu. From there you can get a taxi or car from the station to Gandikota which is just another 18km to travel. Staying in the village you have limited options so book ahead if you want to stay overnight in Gandikota. Otherwise, Jammalamadugu has several options for different budgets and there are shops, places to eat and such. If you are up for it you can choose to camp instead and then just eat at the hotel if you do not want to be cooking on a campfire.

Best times to stop by!

You can head to visit the place, whether for a day trip or longer anytime of the year. But because of the extreme heat in the summer most visitors find they have a more pleasant experience when the temperatures do not make it hard to be outside under the sun all day. In the summer it is also the case that the water levels are a lot lower which affects the visual aspect of the canyon and some of the adventure sports you can enjoy.

What else is there to do?

This place was seen as a seat of power for many hundreds of years. The fort was strategically very important and though it is now in ruins it is still a very interesting place to walk around and look at. You can find a granary, a jail and a watchtower still. You can also explore temple ruins. As well as the view of the canyon you can look at a lot of amazing plants, birds and other animals. A lot of birdwatchers visit Gandi Kota and go on trails spotting hundreds of species.

If you prefer something more exciting there are also various activities or adventure sports to enjoy, suitable for all ages. Ziplining, kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, hiking, ATV rides and more. Close to Gandikota are also the Belum Caves. This is the longest and biggest natural system of caves in India. There are several sections and all are well lit with clear maps to follow. There is a small entry fee and is really fun to do and something wonderful to experience.