Interesting Travels in Ancient Cities

There are many large cities in the world and cities that are located in intriguing places around the world, however many of those cities do not have a long and illustrious history; this is something that is developed with time and cannot be simply built or bought. These ancient cities are not just popular tourist destinations for fans of history but a great destination for all different kinds with people regardless of what their interests may there will be something in these old cities for them to take an interest in which is what we are going to be talking in this interesting travels in ancient cities article.

Buildings That Have Stood the Test of Time.

In many of the oldest cities in the world, you are able to find ancient buildings that have been built centuries ago if not millenniums, these buildings are likely world-famous and have seen those cities change over long periods of time by various military conflicts, new rulers and occupiers that have altered the very fabric of the city.

If you take a trip to Athens, which is one of the oldest cities in the world with historians and archaeologists believing that the area of what is now Athens being inhabited for over 5000 years.

The city of Athens is home to many culturally important structures such as the Parthenon which is an extensive temple built to worship the goddess of Athena which is also as you might have guessed the patron guest of the city. Additionally, you have the Zappeion which occupies a section of the National Gardens of Athens and was built by the Greek government to be used as a venue for important events.

A Reinforced Unique Identity.

One thing that is shared by all cities of significant age is that they have been the center of the development of the culture of all of the surrounding areas and even of entire nations. Without a doubt, culture is a man-made phenomenon that is enforced by the common histories, laws, and traditions that are formed over a long period of time before they eventually solidify and become the norm.

Even within countries, you will have unique identities that at times can greatly differ from each other, for example, if a city is located on the coast it will for sure have a culture that is somehow connected to the nearby sea which you will be able to see through the food, stories, and even architecture. A great example of how an ancient city can develop its own unique identity is Rome which is a proud city due to its significance of being the capital of the Roman Empire for many centuries.

Religious Significance.

Furthermore, many of the oldest cities in the world will be very important locations for various religious groups out there, and even if these cities do not happen to be holy cities they will still have hundreds of old places of worship.

Arguably one of the most religiously important cities in the world is Jerusalem which is a city that has existed since 3000 B.C and is a very important city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims with important sites for all three religions present in the city with some of those religious landmarks being actually shared between multiple religions.

Religion is something that has shaped the world by being the influence behind entire cultures and regional identities as well as unfortunately being the reason for countless military conflicts. It is important for all individuals that are interested in the history of the world to visit cities such as Jerusalem that hold religious importance for billions of people around the world to see for themselves the importance of religion back then that continues to this day.

Priceless Treasures.

If you decide to take up interesting travels in ancient cities then there is a very high chance that you will have the chance to take a look at priceless treasures that are located in galleries and museums.

What makes these treasures priceless is that they are very old and have a historical significance; their monetary value is in the fact that there are very few Ancient Greek archaeological artifacts that you have the chance to view by going on a trip to Athens. These historical artifacts are very scarce since only a few have managed to survive, and no more will be able to be produced ever in history.

Other well-known treasures that are priceless and are located in very old cities are the treasures of Egyptian pharaohs such as the treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb that can generally be viewed in Egypt’s capital Cairo but the treasures are also frequently taken out on tours around the world where they are displayed in exhibitions.

World-Defining Discoveries and Inventions.

These old metropolises that have stood the test of time have often been the locations of major discoveries and inventions that have helped advanced forward the entirety of humanity.

Often these ancient cities that have been the place of a large number of discoveries and inventions are very wealthy but have more importantly gone through their own renaissance periods where education and free will have been heavily promoted and celebrated. You can learn more about the culturally defining cities around the world at the travel portal.

London is a great representation of this, in the City of London which has existed since before Roman times many renowned inventions have taken place such as the first-ever submarine in 1620, the first telescope was invented by Isaac Newton who is also well-known for his theory of gravity and then you have the invention of cement in 1824 which is a must-have component of the construction of most buildings around the world.

Amazing Local Foods Developed Over Long Periods of Time.

Food is something that everyone loves no matter where from the world you originate from or what your political views are, for example, these incredibly tasty foods that everyone enjoys to eat have been created over time by accident and a lot of experimentation that must have resulted in a lot of disgusting results before finally the right formula was discovered that as then popularized and adapted from region to region to create what is now universally liked foods such as pizza, pasta, and curries.

Therefore, due to the amount of experimentation that it takes to master and craft a distinct cuisine, if you want to have a taste of the best foods that this country has to offer then you should visit its oldest cities such as Istanbul in Turkey, London in the United Kingdom, Paris in France and also Athens in Greece.

Birthplaces of Famous Myths and Stories.

 A further reason to go on interesting travels in ancient cities is that you can learn about a large number of myths and stories that have originated and are based from these places.

Back in the day, there was no science to explain what happens in the world so people would result to stories as well as there being very few people that can read with the only solution left is the recitement of old legends which are usually based around real people or events but have been wildly exaggerated in order to make the story more interesting but also due to the natural addition of information as the stories have been retold from generation to generation.

Some world-famous myths, legends, and stories include Pandora’s box which is a Greek legend about the first woman created by the Ancient Greek god Zeus who unleashed hell on Earth with artifacts located in numerous ancient Greek cities and also Cinderella which originated from France, however, is based on a series of similar tales that historians believe originate from Ancient Greece before the coming of Christ.

Such tales and myths have shaped our childhoods as well as the world more than we can imagine, they have been used to teach people valuable lessons during periods of history where education was not available to the masses, by visiting old cities where these stories came from you can get a better understanding of the type of environment that influenced the creators of these legends and myths in the first place.