Hotel Malang – The World of Silence and Bliss

Malang, the hill city in Indonesia, is a sanctuary from the heat and dust of the bustling cities. It is just a few hours’ rides from the city of Surabaya. The city has an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, with one million populations. The weather of the town is comfortable; the average temperature is around 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. The contiguous areas of Malang have many teas, coffee plantations, and dairy farms. The night may be too quiet for a city dweller, but with star embedded sky, the cool fresh breeze, it can transport you into a world of silence and bliss.

Place to rest

Hotel Malang is clean and spacious. Many have a cafeteria, ice cream parlors, and bakery shops. The rooms of the hotels are cozy, airy and spacious, and well furnished, some even with Asian antiques. The softly lit, the posh decorated bar is a cozy place to enjoy few drinks before you go to sleep. The rooms are air-conditioned and have Wi-Fi connections.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

This park is named after two hills Mt.Bromo and Mt.Semeru, which have an active volcano that erupts after every twenty minutes. There is a cascade in the mountains, making the place of ecstasy and beauty. The sunrise and sunset from the hills remain printed in your memory for a long time. The park sprawls around 800 kilometers and is the largest volcanic region of the state. This park is the only conserved area in Indonesia, which has a 10kilometer area filled with sand known as Tengger. There are four volcano hilltops out of which Mount Bromo is only active.

On Tengger, you can walk around, or ride on a horse like a wild cowboy. You can trek to the hills if you feel young at heart; Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java. The name Meru or Semeru is derived from Hindu and Buddhist god. It takes two nights of trekking to reach the summit.

Jatim Park

You can enjoy this theme park with children. There are 35 rides, and you can take a ride with the kids. Adjacent to it, there is Jatim Park 2, which displays many interactive science exhibits.


The weather of Malang is chill, and the breeze is crisp. There are many coffee shops in the hill town, enjoy the fresh brewing coffee while you stay in this town. The freshly roasted aromatic coffee will delight your taste buds. The local cuisines are delicious and lip-smacking. There are many stalls around the streets and many exotic restaurants that serve ethnic food and drinks.

Balekembang Beach

This white sand beach is situated 70 kilometers away from Malang. This is a quiet, serene place with a temple of the Hindu god. Apart from this beach, there are two other beaches; Watu Leter beach and Goa Cina beach. Both are a few hours’ drive from the city. Both beaches are situated close to each other.

You will certainly enjoy your vacation in Malang. There are many exciting places to visit, but the highlight is on the two volcanoes. Once you step into the city, you will start loving it.