Gelato and Ice Cream – What are the Differences Between the Two Sweet Treats?

If you are thinking of incredible, sweet, and delicious treats, many Coloradans may think of ice cream, but there is a new dessert in town – gelato! Dessert can be one of the most beautiful things about your day. Nothing hits the spot like a bit of sugar after lunch or dinner. The sweet things give you a little pick me up, pep in your step, and just a moment to be mindful, to enjoy and savor that moment with friends, family, or your loved ones.

In Frisco, CO, people are not always immediately searching – for gelato and coffee in Frisco, CO, as the town is known for its laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the Rockies. However, the great eats are part of what makes this town so unique. The people and small businesses that create its economy as one to visit on vacation, for a long weekend, or a ski and snowboarding trip. People tend to gravitate towards ice cream because they know exactly what it is, which prolongs the mysterious debate about the difference between ice cream and gelato.

What Exactly is Gelato?

Gelato is traditionally an authentic Italian dessert meant to be served in any way you like and boasting many bold and beautiful flavors. Gelato is the word for ice cream in Italy, but it is nothing like ice cream. It was initially served using carts outdoors at places referred to as ‘Gelaterias,’ this method of serving up sweet treats quickly caught on to Americans, and luckily now, residents and visitors of Frisco, Colorado, can enjoy it too!

Many people like to think that gelato is just a fancy name for ice cream, but that is not the case. Gelato is a lot of things other than ice cream; the texture is different, the ingredients are similar but could never be the same, the air content differs, and how it is both stored and served.

Ingredients Are Different

Ice cream is known to be full of fluff, and it has a much higher fat content than gelato – so if you are looking for a dessert with less fat, you will end up with less than calories and double the flavor. Gelato begins its creation with a custard-style base but has higher proportions of milk and much lower amounts of cream and eggs. Gelato is not traditionally made with egg yolks, although some homemade recipes will allow it now and then.

Gelato is considered dense and has texture and flavor, while ice cream has more milky qualities. This is most surely because of the butterfat. Most gelatos have over 14%, whereas your ordinary grocery aisle ice cream quart contains 10%. You cannot extract the same kind of flavor or experience without it!

Less Air, More Flavor

Air is a significant element in cooking, especially baking, and while with cold desserts, you aren’t putting anything overheating – you still have to churn it! Gelato is slowly churned to absolute perfection. It is churned slowly to preserve the quality of its initial ingredients and boost the flavor experience during eating. This also contributes to the overall density of the finished product.

Ice cream has a high air content and is churned quickly, making the result fluffier in texture, while gelato requires delicacy, attention to detail, and patience. You end up with genuine, authentic gelato that remains dense, has low air content, bold flavor, and an incredible reward for your taste buds!

It Doesn’t Have to Be Frozen

Ice cream is often kept where? A frigid temperature in the freezer affects the flavor, texture, and dining experience. Gelato’s ingredients and creation procedures lend themselves to a more powerful enjoyment of the dessert and allow the product not to be stored in the freezing cold – this is a flavor saver! Gelato is generally served between 10-20 degrees, and ice cream is served at a whopping 6 to 10 degrees. When foods are a bit warmer, our taste buds can experience them better, and the flavor tends to be much bolder than when cold.

I Scream Gelato in Frisco, CO, has been scooping up authentic Italian gelato with a modern twist for everyone off Main Street! I Scream provides gelato (not ice cream) after a long day on the slopes in the Winter or after a beautiful hike and ride on the gondola in the Spring and Summer months. You can grab an Affogato made with Whiskey Barrel coffee straight from Denver! Gelato brings a flavor boost and a little bit of sweetness to brighten your day, and while it is not ice cream, it is an elevated dessert you can enjoy with friends and family while making memories you will never forget.