Five Hacks to Win at Your Cross-Country Move

Millions pack up their households and undergo an interstate move every year. Moving has long been surrounded by characteristics of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, and even sadness. Let’s face it – it is difficult mentally, physically, and emotionally to pack your entire life up into boxes and bags and tote them with you to your new home. You arrive in a new place that is unfamiliar and feels uncomfortable.

Denver has grown rapidly over the past decade, but it has also seen natives and long-term residents leave in recent years due to rising rent, housing, and the overall cost of living. People are moving to neighboring states and across the county to explore new lives, careers, educational opportunities, and time with loved ones. Hiring cross-country movers in Denver is a part of the journey, but there are a lot of other factors to combine with the experience to remain mindful and stress-free!

List the Pros of Your Move

Instead of focusing on all the changes and possible negative impacts your upcoming relocation may have on your life, shift gears. If you are constantly focusing on everything that is stressing you out or creating fear, you will end up further down a spiral of negativity. Instead of sitting in those emotions, carve out a time when you can get excited!

Sit down in a quiet place and reflect on everything positive. Grab a journal and a pen – think about the positivity that will come with this long-distance move. You can also consider how to manifest positive moments moving forward. Make a list and keep that memory with you as you begin the process of moving into something new.

Plan Well & Remain Proactive

If there is one behavior you want to avoid, like the plague – it’s procrastination. Waiting to begin your to-do list at the last minute will create a highly chaotic moving experience. Once you decide or become aware of the relocation plans, list your priorities.

Don’t spend your days avoiding what you must do but don’t overwhelm yourself with multiple tasks in one day. Take things one step at a time and involve the rest of your household in the required procedures. Being proactive will allow for an organized, seamless, and stress-free cross-country move, making space for an exhilarating exploration of your delivery location – versus a chaotic mess.

Conquer Your Belongings & Declutter

Now that you have dove into the details of your long-distance move, you must undertake the most significant project – preparing for packing! Before the packing commences, you must approach all of your earthly belongings. In order to make this tremendous task as smooth as possible, you can try some of the following:

  • Take things room by room, don’t approach your entire house or apartment simultaneously.
  • Create piles for what you will keep, what you can donate, what you may consign, and what needs to be thrown out.
  • Set aside a suitcase or box for your everyday essentials so you will have everything with you when you arrive at your destination.
  • Include everyone in the household, designate who does what, and allow them to declutter their rooms if you have children.
  • Place towels, linens, and clothing aside, which can be used as wrapping or padding when packing fragile or irreplaceable items!

Use a Detailed Labeling System

If you are moving across the country, packing is inevitable, but you don’t have to complete it alone, and you can help to organize both the packing and unpacking processes better. When you are working with a local moving crew, they will provide premium packing services and various packing package options. You can leave everything to them and spend your move date relaxing!

You can also ask them to complete a partial pack, where you prepare most of the boxes yourself, and they finish the rest. Finally, there is the option for more specialty packing with ornate, fragile, or bulky items, and you can sift through and choose which belongings are to be packed by your movers and which you will do yourself. When packing, label everything in great detail and color code if necessary. This will make the unpacking procedures much more efficient, so you can enjoy your new home and explore your new neighborhood.

Take Some Downtime & Hire Professional Movers

A cross-country move signifies big changes in your future. While change is a constant in our lives, Denverites need time to cope with what is happening around them when it occurs. Take that time to practice self-care, do things you love, spend time with your friends and family, etc. You have to find your footing as you walk forward into something new, and this can be made easier with the help of people that know what they are doing!

Denver Moving Group are locally owned and operated, homegrown in Colorado for mile-high residents and states nationwide. Their mover’s mission is to create modern moving solutions for their customers and to provide a seamless cross-country moving experience. To win your move, you need a little help, and contacting the professionals will support you in your journey and offer a safe place to land in the end.