The Best Types Of Knives For Hikers And Backpackers

backpacker knife

If you do a lot of hiking or even backpacking, it’s important to have knives with you when you travel. They can serve domestic purposes, such as helping you to prepare food, and they can also be used to protect yourself. Even though you may bring a firearm with you, sometimes having … Read more

The 7 Best Tools for Trail Building

The 7 Best Tools for Trail Building

Thinking about doing some trail building? Wondering what tools you’ll need if you’re blazing a biking trail? Few things can be more satisfying than building a biking trail or maintaining one to ensure that both you and other riders get plenty of enjoyment out of it. However, if you’re not fully equipped … Read more

Slash the Cost of Outdoor Gear for Your Next Adventure

Outdoor Gear

Many people love nothing more than an exciting camping trip where they can have fun in the great outdoors. Camping is a great way of getting closer to nature while also enjoying excitement, recreational activities, and quality time with loved ones. It is also a much cheaper option for families who are … Read more

Survival Tools For Outdoor Camping Made Easy

Survival Tools For Outdoor Camping Made Easy

It may seem quite daunting to go out into the wilderness with just a tent and a backpack and be able to stay there for the rest of your life, but you are not alone. It can be quite stressful and frightening to be exposed to the elements for the first time. … Read more

Everything I pack with me when I go on a mountain trip

No matter what is stressing me out in life, I always find that a trip to the mountains is the ultimate way to unwind and clear my head at the weekends. While most of us spend our days at work, stuck at a computer desk and our evenings scrolling through social media, … Read more

The Newbie Camper’s Guide to Buying a Tent

Two seasoned campers planned a spur-of-the-moment camping adventure. Their old tent wouldn’t do, so they grabbed the cheapest tent they could find on their way out of town. Two days later they arrived at their breathtaking campsite—in the rain—and set up camp. It rained all night and by morning, they had puddles … Read more

How To Choose Hiking Shoes For Women

There are different types of hiking shoes for women. Thus, choosing a pair for the first time can be a bit daunting. If you want to know how to choose the women’s hiking shoes, read this simple guide with the most important things to discover. Here goes: Hiking shoes should be waterproof … Read more

Camping Checklist: Don’t Forget These 9 Camping Essentials

Everybody has their own idea of a vacation. Many prefer to spend their days in lavish hotels, swimming in the pool, and eating at gourmet restaurants That’s all well and good, but it’s not for everyone. Some of us prefer a more natural setting. The great outdoors calls to us, and we … Read more