A Buying Guide For Caravan Awning

Outdoor activities would be more enjoyable with a caravan awning. It comes in different types and sizes that permit daily motions like cooking, eating, playing, and sleeping. Choosing the right awning is crucial with many factors to consider, such as the materials used for the awning construction. The market offers a lot of possible options but the decision depends on your specific needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Caravan Awning

So, here is a buying guide to point you to the product that is ideal for your budget and necessities.

Different Types of Awning For Your Need 

Identifying the various types of awning is the first step to find which one suits you best. Below is a list of today’s caravan awnings with their pros and cons to help you decide.

1. Roll-Out Awning

Roll-out awnings, so-called sun canopies, are designed for a short outdoor stay. It is quick to assemble and aims to protect you from the sun. This type of awning is very convenient to use and highly ventilated even without an air conditioner. Also, it enhances the living space as well as security during the stay.

It is a temporary awning that you can simply roll up when not in use. However, a roll-out awning is not good for windy weather because of its lighter construction compared to other awnings. It is also not an enclosed awning by which privacy becomes an issue. Dents on your caravan may also occur due to the metal buttons used in the installation.

2. Pole Awning

Among the most popular caravan awnings is the pole-type awning. It continues to evolve over the years from the materials used and their construction. Steel poles are less expensive than fiberglass poles for so many reasons, including the level of sturdiness.

Pole awnings consist of awning rail and fabric that must be put together which could be done quickly. You can opt for high-quality awnings as the price starts low.

Such type of awning requires two or more people for faster assembly. The poles are color-coded which makes them easier to assemble properly.

3. Air Awning

The air awning is a modern type of caravan awning that is more appealing to the guests. There will be no use of poles in setting up such an awning. All you need to do is to bring an electric pump to inflate the tent. Most air awnings have a single inflation point that is quicker to raise with only a few pumps.

The drawback would be its premium price and yet it is reasonable knowing those unique features. Another is that air awning is not puncture-resistant that may lead to leaks but there are ways to fix them.

Material Used

Next is to identify the types of materials an awning is made of. Each material has to offer unique functions, for example as heat protection or to deliver a more stylish caravan awning. These include:

1. Mesh Fabric

First is the mesh fabric. It is built with PVC material and allows a full view outdoors because of its see-through design. Unlike the other awning materials, this one does not block sunlight so recommended during cold weather.

2. Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic fabric is lightweight and very stylish with multiple colors available to choose from. It can regulate high temperature though a bit transparent like the mesh awning. This material will also add up an appeal to your caravan.

3. Canvas Fabric

Last but not least is the canvas fabric, the top-favorite of most caravan owners. It can bring comfort in all conditions, whether too cold or too hot. It is made of fiber cotton that could last for a long time to offer protection. Canvas fabric is also available in a lot of color options but the difference with acrylic fabric is that it has color on both sides.

Awning Size

The size of the awning is also essential when buying one. This will depend on the number of guests it will accommodate and also the location. There are two sizes of caravan awnings you can select from, including:

1. Porch awning

This smaller size of caravan awning will be enough for a couple to spend short weekends. It has fewer poles and is easy to erect for a short stay trip.

Despite the size, you can still move freely inside the caravan and put on some accessories for a better experience. It is also a good option for all-weather protection and can meet every need.

2. Full-size awning

On the other hand, a full-size awning has a larger room for more guests. You can bring a lot of stuff during the trip while maintaining privacy.

This option is best for a huge family outing with its more durable features. However, putting up a full-size awning may take time, as well as dismantling the material.

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