Best Grills for Hiking

Hiking is an enjoyable activity and you can do it in different places such as in forests, on mountains, and even in different countries if you want to experience hiking in different weather conditions. It is something that will disconnect you from your busy life in the city and connect you to a quiet and relaxing time with nature. However, this activity can certainly get you tired and hungry with all the long walks and climbs it requires. Therefore, when you go hiking, you need something to eat after all the physical activity you did.

One of the fun and easiest ways to cook food when hiking is by grilling. That’s why it’s great if you can take a portable grill with you on your hiking trip. It will enable you to grill wherever you go. The right grill for hiking should be thin and compact, almost as if it’s not even there so that you will not have a difficult time carrying it, especially on long and extreme hikes.

If you’re looking for a portable grill that you can take with you on your next hike, here are the best grills we found that you may like.

1. Unigear Folding Stainless Steel Grill

This grill can be folded up into the size of a book which can be easily carried. It is an ultralight grill that is easy to use. To start the fire, you can use either wood or charcoal, or even just dry twigs, leaves, or grass. If you go hungry while hiking, this grill will enable you to stop and grill up some food without hassle.

With proper care, Unigear Folding Stainless Steel Grill will provide you years of use. It is also made with stainless steel to help prevent rusting. It comes with a carrying case that will help you take it along with the rest of your hiking gear.

2. Coghlan’s Pack Grill

If you are tight on budget, this simple grill will work best for you. You just need to find a few logs to light up then set up this grill above it and place the foods you want to grill on it. This is also a very durable grill; it can endure a beating without breaking down, making it perfect for hiking.

Coghlan’s Pack Grill is made with durable chrome-plated steel frame that can handle high temperatures produced by firewood without becoming stained with burn marks. After using it, you simply clean it, fold it up, and put it in your backpack.

3. UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill

This is another ultralight grill that is great for hiking. It comes in two sizes, mini and regular. The regular version has a size of 13 x 10-inch which can cook up to 6 servings at once. The mini version on the other hand, has a size of 9 x 6.75-inch which can cook about 3 servings at ones.  It can be folded up to a slim size which makes it easy to carry on a hike.

Another great thing about the UCO Flatpack Portable Grill is it can prevent the wind from putting out your fire because it has stainless steel walls that will shield your flames. It is also made with strong materials that will prevent it from rusting and being damaged.

4. Weber Go Anywhere Grill

This portable grill will make it easy for you to grill foods while on a hike. It features carry handles and lets you fold up its legs and snap over the cover so you can easily carry it anywhere you go. Based on some feedbacks, this grill may win the prize for most portable grill if that contest would exist.

The Weber Go Anywhere Grill is not only for hiking because you can also use it as a normal grill at home to accommodate a small group. It also has a propane gas version.

5. VGEBY Foldable Barbecue Grill

If you want a smaller grill, this one is a great choice. This portable grill features two foldable legs for easy carry and storage, making it perfect for hiking. It comes with an easy-to-follow instructions for a stress-free assembly.

This foldable barbecue grill is made with sturdy stainless steel and is solid, abrasive resistant, free from rust and twists, making it a durable and long lasting grill. It is also easy to unfold, as well as to clean with its smooth stainless steel material.

6. Firebox Bushcraft Camp Stove Grill Kit

This is probably the best lightweight grill you can take with you on your hike. Aside from grilling foods flat on the surface, you can also cook them in other ways because it comes with 4 wood sticks that can be used as food skewers, and a detachable ash pan, making it easy for you to clean and dump the ashes.

The Firebox Bushcraft Grill is one of the best hiking grills because of its super lightweight and convenient design. It has a lot of uses but only takes up a little room in your backpack.

These are just some of the best grill for hiking we found but we hope this list will help you find the perfect one to take on your next hike. Choosing a light and portable grill is the best for hiking because it will take absolutely no effort to carry.  Also check out Our Review Guide for the Top 10 Best Electric Ranges in 2020.