Why Air Mattresses Are Better for Camping

Some years back, camping was synonymous with rough and hard experiences that involved coming out of your comfort zone just to get close to nature. But, with the advancement in modern technology, camping has undergone major improvements that have allowed professionals and newcomers alike to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Now, camping is one way of communing with nature as it allows you to spend the night under the stars while listening to its sweet sounds. Office workers also take this moment to break from the toxic city life to enjoy some fun and exciting moments with friends and family while gathered around a bonfire.

But, did you know that the quality of your camping bed can make or break your adventure in the woods? Well, having realized this, most companies that manufacture camping gear have gone ahead to develop sleeping accessories such as camping bags, camping cats, hammocks, and air mattresses in a bid to improve your camping experience.

In this article, we will discuss why air mattresses are better for camping and how they’ve managed to effectively address the inefficiency of other camping gears.

They’re self-inflating

Traditional air mattresses were very convenient to use as you only needed to inflate them with an electric pump. In camping areas where electricity was inaccessible, manual pumps were the order of the day.

But, imagine having a King size air mattress in your campsite…it will definitely be a hassle to fill it with air using a manual pump right? To address such inconveniences, self-inflating air mattresses have been introduced to provide a convenient way of setting up your sleeping space.

Easy to store

Camping cots are convenient for camping as they provide under-the-bed storage space for some of your gear. But, their frames are bulky and rigid making it very difficult to fold and transport. This is quite the contrary with air mattresses as inflating and deflating them is quite easy.

Once deflated, these mattresses can be stored easily by rolling them from one end to the other before stuffing them inside their respective carry-on-bags.

Offer large sleeping area

Another reason why these mattresses are better than other camping sleeping gears is their large sleeping area. You see, hammocks, cots, and sleeping bags are all specifically designed for single sleepers. If you’re camping as a group (maybe with friends or as a family), you’ll end spending a lot of time setting up each bed separately.

But, with an air mattress, you can order any size (from single, twin, double to King and Queen sizes) keeping in mind the size of your tent and, most of all, the number of sleepers.

Additionally, these mattresses are very easy to install as most of them feature build-in pumps that are either electrical or rechargeable.

More superior sleeping comfort

Giving you a peaceful night’s sleep is what air mattresses are made for. Since sleeping in the wild involves lying down on the rocky hard surface, sleeping bags and pads are not in a position to provide you with enough cushioning as compared to air beds.

With an air mattress, the level of comfort is generally high as these camping gears are inflated keeping them a few inches off the ground. At least this way, you won’t feel the freezing cold in the night nor will you collide with bugs and other insects like it’s the case with sleeping bags.

Lastly, the large sleeping area offered by these mattresses provides enough room to stretch your legs while sleeping. It also creates enough space for you to easily walk out of the tent to get to the restroom as compared to unzipping a sleeping bag.  Be sure to See more here about great comfort options.

Guarantees durability

Another reason why these mattresses are way better than their sleeping bags/pads counterparts is the high level of durability they claim to offer. They’re usually made of vinyl materials with inbuilt coil systems to improve lumbar support and prevent sagging and deformation when you’re sleeping.

With such characteristics, air beds can continually endure weights of nearly 600 pounds without losing their original shape no matter how long you use them. Their mode of storage, which includes wrapping and scuffing them inside their respective carry-on-bags, is another feature that helps to bolster their longevity.

Heat loss/retention

While you’re in the wild or camping for that matter, there are times when you might experience extreme temperature changes. In such scenarios, the airbed becomes the only convenient solution as compared to sleeping bags or pads.

You see, air is a poor conductor of heat meaning it offers thermal resistance of air between two cavities. So, when you’re sleeping inside a tent under extremely cold conditions, this mattress will resist adequate heat loss from your body. It will also prevent cold air from the ground from penetrating through thus keeping you warm all night.

On the contrary, sleeping bags and hammocks don’t have this type of cushioning and will, therefore, expose you to the extremely cold ground during cold nights.

They’re affordable

Just because they’re air beds doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank to get them. These mattresses are in fact very cheap especially if you do your research well. You can get them around $68 to upwards of $79 depending on the brand, the size, and the available features.

So, instead of purchasing a sleeping bag during your next camping, why not break that tradition by considering an air bed instead?


So, if you’ve read this post up to this point, then we believe you now understand why air mattresses are better for camping. Unlike in the past where campers heavily relied on sleeping pads and bags, air beds have today taken over the camping business thanks to their high versatility.

Not only are they comfortable when sleeping on, but these mattresses can also be used as couches during the day provided your tent is large enough to house them.

Setting them up is also not a hassle as you only have to shop for the right air pump to accomplish this task. So, with that said, what are you waiting for?