What you should know before buying top neck knives

When it comes to survival tools that are stylish, powerful, and convenient, neck knives can hold up against any other. Small in size with fixed blades, they are carried with the help of a cord, with the knife sheath suspended around your neck. Since you are going to have one with you at all times, it is essential that you purchase only the top neck knives. There are several types of blades available, but you should go for one which is sturdy, easily accessible, compact, and comes to your aid in all situations. After all, you would not want to find yourself in a position where your survival tool fails you or causes you embarrassment.

Select a neck knife with the proper size

Although that may sound rather vague, it really is not. What it means is that the blade on your knife should not be too small or too heavy. If it is too small or less than three inches, you are not going to be able to do much with it. Try to go for a blade which you can use for various outdoor activities, from camping to fishing.

What are you going to use your blade for?

What is your purpose behind buying this utility tool? Are you going to be using it for regular household stuff? Or is it going to be put to challenging outdoor activities? After you have given that some thought, go for one which suits the purpose. For household work, a regular knife will do the job. For outdoor tasks, go for one with a strong steel and sturdy handle.

Find out what style suits you best!

Finding out what style suits you best is important while searching for the top neck knives. They come in different styles: tip-up, mountain carry, self-defense, and others. For example, the tip-up carry allows you to draw your knife quickly as the handle always hangs. On the other hand, with the mountain carry, the handle faces you, letting you draw your knife with both hands.

Ensure that your knife has a good handle

Without a good handle, you are not going to be able to grip your neck knife properly. Having a knife with a thick handle is especially important in circumstances that require you to draw it quickly. A firm grip allows you to use it efficiently in all situations. Before purchasing the blade, try to hold it in your hands to see how it feels.

What should be the length of your knife?

Neck knives are called that for a reason. They are supposed to be worn around your neck at all times. It is obvious that your EDC should be one that will not impede or restrict your movements in any way. Ideally, the blade that you will be carrying around your neck should measure three inches, and in some cases, four inches.

These are some of the factors that separate the best neck knives from the rest. Try to remember them before you decide to buy one next time. Let the knife be your trustworthy companion at all times!