Top Tips for Pedestrian Safety on the Road

Many are the times when you have heard of accidents caused by drunk driving or distracted drivers leading injuries, damaged to property and sometimes death. However, not all accidents are due to the fault of drivers and a good number of them are usually instigated by careless pedestrians. This is why it is essential for all road users, including those with the best road bikes to exercise a lot of caution when they are on the roads. It is not just the responsibility of the motorist to ensure that pedestrians are safe, but the pedestrian also has a duty of ensuring drivers and fellow pedestrians are safe. Presented here are a few tips to help pedestrians stay safe while using the roads.

Walking while distracted

A pedestrian walking while distracted is an accident waiting to happen. Distractions make you less conscious of what is happening around you, and you can’t trust that every other road user will notice you are distracted. Some of the common distraction traps people fall for include calling or texting, engaging in deep conversation with friends, and looking at things happening on the other side of the road amongst others. These things are not as important as your life and if you have to do them, then stop walking, find some safe spot and then concentrate on them. It is important to stay alert all the time if you don’t want to lose your life due to distractions on the road. Don’t lose your life because you are distracted by reading Spin Palace reviews on your phone so that you can go and place bets.

Walking in unsafe place

Some people disregard the designated pedestrian paths and walk on the roads thinking that they are also cars or cyclists with the best road bikes. They make a large part of statistics of those who are always knocked down by vehicles on the road. It is important to stick to the designated pedestrian lanes and only cross at designated joints. If there is a crosswalk available, always ensure to use it. If there are sidewalks, always stick to them and if they are not available, be sure to walk on the far side of the road, always facing oncoming traffic.

Don’t wear dark clothes while walking at night

There are very good reasons why people on motorbikes or those with best road bikes are encouraged to wear reflective jackets at night. This is because visibility at night is significantly hampered and if they can’t make their presence known to other road users, then a lot of them would end up getting knocked down. For pedestrians, if you have to walk at night, you are also encouraged to have a reflective jacket so that motorists can easily see you on the sidewalks. But if you don’t have anything reflective on you, you must not put on dark or black clothes and walk at night. This can be suicidal if you will be walking in a dark and busy alley. The cars won’t see you and mainly, you will be another accident waiting to happen.

Failing to take note of cars backing up

This is very common in malls and parking lots. People are just walking behind cars and not realizing that some of the maybe backing up to leave the parking lot. They then end up knocked down by the reversing cars. Again this calls for consciousness and being alert when walking in the parking lot. Always know that somebody could have engaged their cars and was just about to leave when you step right behind their cars.  If your walking along checking out a great option like, then definitely be careful of your surroundings.

Also, have the realization that some cars might back up very quickly, and you could be standing or walking past the driver’s blind spot at that moment. Suppose the driver also already on the driver’s seat, pause and make eye contact with them to be sure they have seen you before crossing behind the car.

Failing to take note of the second car

You are standing by the roadside, calculating how to cross the road, and you have seen that rider with the best road bikes pass, and all you are now waiting for is the oncoming car to pass so that you can cross. But immediately it passes, you jump into the road, and suddenly you hear a screeching sound. Well, you are lucky that the driver managed to stop the car before it reached you. You get confused and run back to the side of the road where you were. This happens all the time when people fix their focus on just the car in front or failing to judge the approach of the vehicle behind.

Always take your time and cross when it is safe to do so. If a motorist stops for you to pass, check the next lane to ensure there are no oncoming vehicles, and if there is any, make eye contact with the driver and let them bring the car to a complete stop before you cross. Don’t assume the guy in the next lane also sees you. In most cases, they don’t. You could be in their blind spot, or their eyes could be fixated on the road ahead.

Drinking too much alcohol as a pedestrians

Drinking too much alcohol as a pedestrians

It is not just drivers who shouldn’t drink and drive. Pedestrians also should not drink too much and walk or ride the best road bikes. This is inviting trouble unnecessarily because when you are drunk, your judgment is impaired. You will not make accurate decisions on when and where to cross the road, and with your staggering, you could easily be knocked down by a fast-speeding car. Statistics show that 34% of pedestrian fatalities are pedestrians who were knocked down when drunk. Even if you are not planning to drive, just know that it is not wise to drink excessively then go walking on the road.

Being careless with children

If you are an adult and you go walking the streets with kids, then know that their safety is your sole responsibility. Some kids are agile, and they become a recipe for disaster if they go out with careless adults. They don’t know the dangers they may be exposed to while on the road, and some may run straight across the street without checking for oncoming vehicles. Always be very careful when walking with kids, and also ensure they are safe from people riding best road bikes around as well.