Top Places That Should Be On Every Hiker’s Wish List

For some, hiking is merely a form of exercise. For others, however, this becomes a serious recreational activity that they like to turn into an opportunity for a holiday. What better way to hike than to also enjoy beautiful views and exceptional surroundings? If you were a hiker, you’d be happy to know that the world is rich in places where you can enjoy a good hike. With these places, hiking wouldn’t feel as strenuous as it typically would.

Some of these places that should make it on your bucket list include:

1. The Pacific Coast Trail

The Pacific Coast Trail runs through the western part of the USA. If you find yourself traveling to North America as a hiker, this is one trip for you not to miss out on. The Pacific Coast Trail runs through a span of 4,264 kilometers. Here, you get to go through 1,000 lakes, 24 national forests, seven national parks, and three states. That’s quite a lot when you think about it! The best thing also is that you get to enjoy nature in the best of its condition—away from tourists and bustling vehicles.

The Pacific Coast Trail is one that you have to thoroughly prepare for, but all your efforts are going to be worth it. Part of your preparation has to include training for the heat of the low desert and the cold of the arctic. Yes, this is going to be a part of your journey.

2. The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail in Peru is one of the most popular places in the world. Here you get to enjoy not just beautiful natural views, but also history. The best time for you to head out to this trail is from May to September, where the weather is at its best. Enjoy four days’ worth of hiking among some of the most majestic pieces of history. In this trail, you get to enjoy the popular Incan ruins, go through a jungle, marvel at mountain views, and finish off the journey at Machu Picchu.

3. The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one that runs on the eastern side of the US. Here, you’ll get to trek from Georgia to Maine, which runs for 3,505 kilometers. This trail, therefore, holds the record as one of the longest marked trails in the United States. The Appalachian Trails allow you to enjoy eight national forests and six national parks. If you decide to take on this journey, you’ll be one of the two million individuals who take on this challenge every single year. That number alone should convince you of how much this should be on your wishlist.

4. The Torres Del Paine Trail

The Torres Del Paine Trail runs across the national park in Patagonia, Chile, and is most visited from October to April. However, others prefer to enjoy its glory in the wintertime in July. Especially if you wish to hike without the crowds, winter is the best time to have the place all to yourself. Just don’t forget to train hard enough to prepare for the cold and harsh weather conditions. The Torres Del Paine Trail is as majestic as it can get. Following a “W” route, you’ll get to see glaciers, lakes, and volcanic peaks, all in a span of four to six days.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa is one of the best places you can hike, especially if you’re looking to bring your family along. This South African wonder has long been a favorite for vacationers looking for a good but relaxing hike, as well as an adventure. In Cape Town, you’ll get to enjoy many hike sceneries to choose from:

  • Table Mountain
  • Lion’s Head
  • Tygerberg Nature Reserve
  • Kasteelport Hiking Trail

6. The Kilimanjaro Trail

The Kilimanjaro Trail is found in Tanzania, Africa. It’s Africa’s highest peak, standing tall at 19,340 feet. This trail is one for the experts, as well as for those who can withstand the high altitude. To complete the whole trek, it will take you around seven days. But easier and shorter treks are also available, with a guide, of course. The best place for you to do this hike is on January, February or September.

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Whether you’re a “hardcore” hiker or not, there’s a trail for every one of your specific needs or desires. The best thing about these places is that they’re trails off the beaten path. This means that hiking is the only way—the best way—for you to enjoy its glory. If your planning your Asia vacation there are even more options to consider.  Add these places to your bucket list, and who knows, soon enough, you’d be ticking them off one by one.