Top Features to Check in an Aspen Hotel

Thanks to ‘revenge travel,’ hotels are experiencing high demand year-round. Aspen is no different, with average visitors staying about 9.2 nights per visit. The ski haven saw a drop of 20% in the number of visitors due to COVID restrictions and is now recovering from the slump.

Aspen offers a range of activities from skiing in winter to hiking in summers and makes for a great holiday getaway. You should consider visiting Aspen for your next vacation, no matter what time of the year. Planning your next vacation on the slopes? Visit St Regis Aspen for an experience like no other.

Check out these top features when looking for a hotel in Aspen for your next vacation.


While you may not be using your room as much during the vacation, it will still be your only chance to recharge after a long day of skiing and other snow activities.

The room needs to be big enough, so you don’t feel cramped in it. It must also be within your budget, as exceeding your room rental budget will mean you have less money to spend on activities. The bed should be comfortable, the bathroom sleek, and a writing desk would add more panache and convenience and make your room look more elegant and homely.


Food is an essential part of your vacation. Ideally, breakfast is included in the cost of your room, and other meals are charged. Most hotels have breakfast buffets that offer various cuisines to devour. You may also have the option to order breakfast in your room if you want to stay tucked in. Your hotel should also offer local cuisine.

Ski-In, Ski-Out, Or Not

A ski-in, ski-out resort is usually located right next to the ski-lifts or on the slopes. It makes the mountain more accessible. While it is excellent if you want to ski your entire vacation, finding something a little further away can be better (and cheaper).

Ski-in, ski-out resorts are always bustling with a lot of tourist activities and entertainment. So, if you want some quiet time, you may want to look for a resort on sites like AmericanOtels that is farther away from the slopes.

In-House Spa

Pampering yourself to spa treatment is the ultimate way to make the most of your vacation. Therefore, check if your hotel has an in-house spa. Make sure that you pre-book your service, as most guests will want to use the service.

Terrace/Balcony Views

What is the point of being cooped up indoors in a place like Aspen? With fresh white powder capping the mountains, you want to sit on a terrace in front of a fire and enjoy the view. It is highly relaxing after a day on the slopes.


Other amenities you should consider are heated pools, airport pick-up service, nightlife, wine collection, and sports shops in and around the hotel. If you are not a regular, you will want to rent equipment, and having a sports shop in or around your hotel can help you get the best deal.

St Regis Aspen is one of the most popular ski resorts in Aspen, offering a range of amenities that will leave you thoroughly pampered. Ensure that any other hotel you pick has these features to spend your vacation making quality memories.