Things to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Restroom

In a previous article, we discussed the different elements you need to create an eco-friendly outdoor event. Aside from preparing the venue for attendees, one of the things you also have to provide is sufficient restroom and washing facilities.

This is a relatively easy task now that you have top service providers like Satellite Suites offering anything from functional restrooms to luxurious ones for your guests. Before you start shopping, however, there are a few aspects to consider first.

The Number of Guests

The number of guests that will be attending the event will determine the number of restrooms you have to provide. You want the right number of portable restrooms at the venue so that problems like long queues can be avoided.

Getting this number right is a must. When you don’t have enough restrooms, you’ll start seeing queues of guests that could lead to them not enjoying the event; in the worse scenarios, you may even receive complaints about the lack of restrooms.

Have too many restrooms, on the other hand, and you are actually spending more than you need. This will influence your bottom line, even though you know the guests don’t have to worry about not being able to find a vacant restroom.

The Formality of the Event

The formality of the event is the second aspect to consider. When you are hosting an outdoor concert, for example, you can go with the commercial Satellite restroom trailers. The trailers are designed to be simple and functional, plus each trailer has as many as 11 stations.

For an outdoor wedding, you want to look at more luxurious restroom options. You are making sure that the guests are comfortable and can access the restrooms while in their suits or dresses. The luxury options also have more amenities, such as better-designed interiors, textured wall coverings, and even built-in vessel sinks.

Using the standard commercial restroom trailers for an outdoor wedding could work too, but guests will be much happier with classier, better-designed restrooms. The details are what makes picking the right restrooms for the event matter.

Time of the Day

The last aspect to consider is the time of the event. Hosting an evening outdoor wedding means you need a restroom trailer that is well-lit for the occasion. The weather, as well as other challenges the event may face, must also be considered.

The duration of the event is also worth considering. An all-day event means there are more guests using the restrooms; the service provider may need to service the restroom trailers they provide to maintain comfort and functionality of the trailers.

Fortunately, choosing the right outdoor restroom for your event is easier now that you can consult your service provider directly. Provide them with details about the event and they will provide you with the best recommendations of restroom trailers to use. With these recommendations in hand, choosing the right restroom trailer to use – and the right number to have at your outdoor event – is as easy.