The Best Yachting Trips and Locations From Around The World

Looking for the perfect summer vacation and love chartering yachts? If you love the water, you need to check out these yachting trips and locations.

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Around the world, there are more than two thousand islands. With so many locations to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where are the best places for yachting trips.

For those looking for the best, here are the top yachting trips and locations from around the world. And if you are planning to visit Mornington Peninsula, make sure to check first the incredible Mornington Peninsula accommodation

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Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean

Head over to the largely uninhabited Seychelles Islands northeast of Madagascar for some of the most memorable yacht locations. Enjoy tropical temperatures around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

With more than eighty flora and fauna unique to only the island, such as certain species of jellyfish and coco de mer tree, you’re sure to feel like one with nature. Be sure to watch the water and shore while yachting to see animals such as:

  • Green sea turtles
  • Giant Tortoises
  • Seychelles wolf snakes
  • Fruit bats
  • Barn owls

Amidst the Seychelles Islands, the Aldabra Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage site and conservation powerhouse, helping to save giant tortoises from the brink of extinction. 

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Surround yourself with fine, white-sand beaches and stunningly green trees at Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to yachting, enjoy activities like water sports, diving, snorkeling, and snorkeling.

Keep an eye out for the Territorial Flower, the beautiful White Cedar Flower. For travelers keep to try local cuisine, give fungi and fish with butter sauce or mayonnaise a try.

Be sure to check out the hidden underwater caverns, Smuggler’s Cove, Cane Garden Bay, and The Baths. 

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Sail right into the heart of the Great Barrier Reef during your yacht ride in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. This world wonder is home to about 600 types of soft and hard corals. 

Head to these islands between October and December to catch a glimpse of a underwater snowfall as the coral spawn and millions of coral sperm and eggs are released into the ocean to reproduce. 

Be sure to plan ahead early and consult with conservation-based touring groups as the Great Barrier Reef is not available for scuba and snorkel experiences every single day. 

The actual Whitsunday Islands are largely uninhabited and serve as a national park complete with many resort and camping accommodations. Check out places like:

  • Camp Island
  • Daydream Island
  • Hamilton Island
  • Hayman Island
  • Long Island

Check out the Queensland Rail for easy access to all your coastal adventures!

Canary Islands, Spain

Located in the Atlantic Oceans, the Canary Islands in Spain are truly a marvel. Enjoy a pleasant subtropical climate with temperatures around the mid to high 70s

Be sure to take time to see Roque Agando. This stunning natural rock formation is one of the most symbols of the island. Try to leave for your hike early in the morning along the noted trails to avoid the heat of the day.

Don’t miss the Charco Azul for a chance to bath in a natural pool of water. Formed from volcanoes, these stunning turquoise waters located in El Golfo are sure to soothe you after a long day out on the water. 

Though there’s no shortage of places to watch the sunset, the best is at Mirador de la Peña. This incredible town also offers local food to enjoy while you watch the ocean swallow the sun. 

If your schedule allows, check out the Cathedral of Arucas. Built in 1909 and finished nearly 70 years later, this massive cathedral is located at the base of Mountain Arucas. Be sure to take the time to see the hand-carved lava stone on the walls!

Santorini, Greece

One of the most picturesque places to charter a yacht, Santorini, Greece. Located in the southernmost section fo the Cyclades, the Satorini Island is home to one of the largest volcano eruptions ever recorded in modern history. 

Don’t miss all the wine tasting opportunities on the island to get the true Greece feel. You’ll find the wine vines growing on coils along the ground to combat the high winds of Santorini.

Consider a yachting trip around sunset to enjoy the entire view of the infamous white town from the water. Be sure to bring along drinks and dinner.

The island offers a one-of-a-kind boat tour of the volcano. Enjoy a hot spring in the Aegean Sea and for those not faint-of-heart, you can even look right into the center of the active volcano. 

If you’re looking for the best beach spot on the island, check out Ammoudi Bay. There are also opportunities to cliff dive here.

Dalmatian Islands, Croatia 

Enjoy thousands of miles of shining coastlines at the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. You’re sure to be taken aback by the glimmering limestone cliffs rising from the ocean blue. 

Don’t miss the a stroll along the city walls and walk alongside the original fortifications around the city from the 15th-century surrounding Rector’s Palace and and an 18th-century cathedral. 

For history buffs, check out the Franciscan Monastery Museum, Dominican Monastery Museum, Serbian Orthodox Church and Iron Museum, Rupe Granary and Ethnographic Museum, and Maritime Museum.

For animal lovers, head over to the Aquarium on Dubrovnik Island. 

Yachting Trips

If you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation and love chartering yachts, then be sure to check out these yachting trips and locations before heading to the water.

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