The 3 Best Parks to Explore in Roanoke, TX

If you are looking to stay active on your vacation and spend a lot of your time exercising outdoors, Roanoke, Texas, is a great town to do so. While staying in or near Roanoke, there are several parks that you can visit that offer various activities and recreational opportunities for your enjoyment.

Cannon Parkway Park

If you want to get some exercise and enjoy assorted sporting activities, you should take the time to stop at Cannon Parkway Park. There is a playground area that is great for children, and there is also a walking trail for individuals who would like to engage in a more leisurely form of exercise.

For park-goers who are interested in more traditional sporting activities, Cannon Parkway Park offers a large park for flying kites or playing soccer, sand volleyball courts, a skate park, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Sports enthusiasts and children alike will have an excellent time here because there is an assortment of activities that will never leave the visitors wondering what they can do.

Roanoke Community Park

Roanoke Community Park is a park that can be enjoyed by the entire family together. This park also offers different sports activities, such as a softball diamond for families and adults and a baseball field for Little League players.

Additionally, the park has a playground for the younger kids and there are some picnic tables where the adults can relax or the whole family can have lunch. There is even a concession building on site, so you won’t have to drive far away to get a quick meal or some snacks while you are enjoying your day! There is also a fishing pier for those park-goers who like to go fishing or sit by the serene water.

FairPlay Park

FairPlay Park is another park in Roanoke, Texas. This park has some of the recreational activities that the other parks have as well, such as baseball, softball, and soccer fields. Additionally, there are activities that children will enjoy, such as a playground and swings. The entire family will enjoy the pool located at the park because not only can you swim, but the children can also play on the slides.

There is a walking trail at FairPlay Park, and you can adjust how long you walk the trail based on how much of the park you walk. For example, if you want a quick walk, you can walk a short walk around the soccer field, which amounts to 0.18 mile. If you would like to take a little bit longer of a walk, you can take a 0.44-mile walk around the children’s playground, the pool, the baseball fields, and the soccer field.

To enjoy these parks, there are various accommodations in the area where you can stay to relax after an adventurous day in the outdoors. Start planning your trip right now by selecting a hotel in the area that will allow you to visit one or all of the parks in the Roanoke area. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, you will be sure to have a fun, activity-filled time.