Huayna Potosi Climb

A view of Huayna Potosi from Condoriri Summit

Location: Bolivia Elevation: 6, 088 meters Bolivia might be one of the least known countries in South America being underdeveloped and landlocked in nature, but it is home to some of the most magnificent sceneries in the world, the enormous expanses of the Uyuni Salta plains, the towering heights of the Cordillera … Read more

Illimani Mountain

The guardian mountain of Illimani, overlooking the city of La Paz

¬†Location: Bolivia Elevation: 6,438¬† meters Illimani is a permanent snow-capped extinct stratovolcano notable for its triple peak structure. It is located among South America’s famous Andes range and is the highest point of a Bolivian mountain range called the Cordillera Real. Mount Illimani is a name derived from Aymara Illi mani that … Read more