Swiss Alps Best: Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Canton: Valais (VS)
Speaking language: French
Altitude: 1500m – 3000m
Nearest city: Sion
Nearest airport: Geneva Airport (GVA)

Spread along Mount Bonvin’s broad slopes and nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1500 meters, Crans-Montana is one of the beautiful parts of the dreamland Switzerland and a typical famous ski resort.

Situated in the district of Sierre in the canton of Valais, Crans-Montana is a municipality in Switzerland. The merging of the municipalities Chermignon, Mollen’s, Montana, and Randogne took place on 1 January 2017 and formed the new Crans-Montana.

Ski Resort

The Alpine resort is in the heart of the Swiss Alps part of Valais’s canton, on a plateau above Sierre at an elevation of about 1,500 m (4,920 ft) above sea level. It has a fantastic view of the Valais Alps and Weisshorn in particular.

The resort is a fusion of the two centers of Crans and Montana and belongs to 6 municipalities:

  • Chermignon
  • Icogne
  • Lens
  • Mollens
  • Montana, and
  • Randogne

The Crans-Montana’s skiing area comprises 140 km (87 mi) of pistes that includes the Plaine Morte Glacier. The Pointe de la Plaine Morte tops it at 2,927 meters.

Intermediate-level skiers are suited to its extensive and varied skiing area. There are runs with long, panoramic views and some sheltered wooded slopes, and it is almost entirely south-facing, making the locals claim that it’s the sunniest resort in their country, which also attracts many visitors.

The ski resort is very famous in alpine ski racing for the 1987 World Championships and is often on the World Cup schedule, typically for women’s speed events.

What Crans-Montana Offers

Tourist can maximize their time, effort, and resources visiting Crans-Montana as it offers wonderful opportunities to witness the spectacular panoramic views. Under a sunny day when the skies are clear, the views extend from Switzerland’s landmark – Matterhorn to the most photographed mountain – Mont Blanc in France and is the highest peak in Europe.

With its wide variety of activities, the resort makes a perfect holiday destination in Switzerland as all ages can enjoy their chosen activities to indulge in.

If you are looking for a relaxing treatment, they also provide wellness and spa centers during health care therapies.

There are also famous brand shops in the pedestrian-friendly center, deluxe accommodation, restaurants to fill your senses with authentic cuisines and present the real Swiss high-quality services. You can try to dine in with mountain huts for a unique Switzerland experience and enjoy the tasty traditional wine and dishes, especially the delicious Swiss fondue.

Crans-Montana hosts different sporting events that make an attraction to tourists worldwide. There are various indoor and outdoor sports activities you are interested in like biking, golf, hiking, five swimming lakes, canyoning, water-skiing, and ending with paragliding and ballooning.

On the slopes, pistes appear blues, and reds and perhaps some skiers and snowboarders are disappointed by the lack of challenge, but there are plenty of off-piste options, plus a network of uphill routes for ski tourers.

Nearly end of the season, the south-facing aspect means that lower pistes can soften by mid-afternoon. Thus, on warm days, Crans-Montana lends itself best to early starts and late lunches.

The Alaïa Chalet is best for freestyle fans as it has an indoor and outdoor action-sports training complex in nearby Lens with trampolines and foam pits for practicing tricks and runs ski snowboard camps in winter.

The Etoile Bella Lui, a family-centered festival new for 2019/20, runs from early December to early January each year. Colorful lanterns illuminate the paths around the town leading to a craft market, Ferris wheel, and shows on the ice rink in the center of town.

Other things to see and do in Crans-Montana:

Plaine Morte – This will challenge skiers’ skills and, at the same time, make them enjoy the highest and sunniest point of the resort, which is almost 3000 meters.

Pierre Arnaud Foundation – arts-hobbyist must see this art museum home to the highest peaks of culture. There are many cultural events and exhibitions held here.

Crans-Montana golf – Those fond of golf sports, here is an exciting opportunity to enjoy your much-loved golf sport in nature’s embrace just in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The resort hosts the European golf championships in September.

The Pfyn-Fingers Nature Park –an ideal place for nature lovers because of the valley and mountain, best for hiking & cycling, wines & bearded vultures to interact and innovate their natural experiences.

To sum all up, Crans-Montana is a lovely Swiss town typified by the surrounded massive Alpine peaks in every direction. The beautiful, fancy little cozy town aims to fulfill your journey with peacefulness, love, and happiness.