Sleeping Under the Stars: 9 Magical Places to Camp Around the World

In the United States, about 40 million people go camping each year. If you’re going to be one of the millions of people going camping this year, you may be having a hard time figuring out where you want to go. There’s no other feeling like pitching your tent and spending the night beneath the stars. Discover the best camping places around the world here.

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

If you’ve always wanted to go on a safari, the Massai Mara National Reserve is probably the best place to go. If you want to see a lot of wildlife, make sure you go in between July and October when the great migration happens. You’ll be able to see all kinds of animals like wildebeest, gazelle, zebras, and so much more. This reserve also borders the Serengeti in Tanzania, adding another diversity of wildlife to it. You can camp on the banks of the Mara River and hang out with the locals there, who are well known for their interesting customs.

2. Zion National Park, United States

Zion National Park may be one of the most beautiful parks in the Southwest United States. You can find this park in Utah, with stunning red cliffs, vast plateaus, and canyons. Watchmen is one good campground that you can find in the park, but sometimes it can get a bit crowded. To really escape the crowds, you can get a permit to camp overnight in the true wilderness of the interior of the park.

3. Lake District National Park, England

Lake District National Park has some of England’s highest mountains. The deepest lake is also located here.You’ll find plenty of beautiful green valleys, little English towns, lots of lakes, and many rolling hills. If you’re into cycling, this is a great place for you to exercise here. With so many lakes, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to go boating as well. While there are campgrounds, you’ll also have the option to camp in the middle of the park if you want a more authentic experience.

4. Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

Patagonia is located in both Argentina and Chile, and you’ll find that this offers one of the most unique camping spots in the world. Patagonia is for people who are seeking a true adventure because you’ll encounter challenges and views like nowhere else in the world. You’ll find campsites with snow-capped mountain views and wide-open skies. There are so many activities you can do down here while you’re camping, so you should definitely check this place out.

5. Asturias, Spain

In northwest Spain, you’ll find a vintage village nestled in between the green mountains of Asturias. Most of the campsites can be found here along the coast of Spain. Here you’ll find great fishing opportunities, nice and welcoming people, and also delicious food.

6. Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Lake Myvatn is located in Iceland, and it looks like something that belongs on another planet. While Iceland may make you think that it’s cold all year-round, it can actually have really nice weather in the summer months. You’ll have to be sure to have flexible travel dates before you head up to Iceland for a camping trip; most of the roads leading up toward this lake are closed in the winter months due to snow and ice. However, if you plan your trip correctly, you could end up going camping or campervanning under the Northern Lights.

7. Camping LaPointe, France

This is a woodland kind of campsite, and there is plenty of space for people to pitch their tents. There is a lot of wildlife here at Camping LaPointe, France. You’ll pitch your tent on the Aulne bank, and there is an abundance of salmon that you can fish for without even needing a permit.

8. Landgoed de Barendonk, Netherlands

At Landgoed de Barendonk in the Netherlands, you’ll be able to go cycling, hiking, and even geocaching. This campsite is very family-friendly and is located on the Barendonk Estate. This is actually a dairy farm that is in the middle of green fields and surrounded by a moat. There are plenty of spaces for caravans and campers, but there is also an area just for tents. If there’s bad weather, there’s a room where you can plan out your next day when the weather clears up.

9. Jasper National Park, Canada

In Canada, Jasper National Park is a beautiful place to go camping. You won’t be bored while you’re in this UNESCO World Heritage Site; the view of the Rockies is enough to keep you entertained. There are also beautiful views of lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, and glaciers. If you want to hike, there are also 600 miles of hiking trails too. You’ll also be able to swim, kayak, ski, and fish.

Discover More of the Best Camping Places in the World

These are only a few of the best camping places in the world; there are many more out there. Before you visit one, make sure that you do your research and make sure you have all the gear, permits, and information you need to have a safe and fun trip. If you enjoyed this article, make sure you explore our website to find more articles just like this one!