SKI LAND: Ski, View, Ride, and Enjoy!

Skiing is an outdoor activity and sport usually enjoyed in cold countries where they have the luxury of ice and snow to be utilized for the activity. If you are in the United States, one perfect spot you might consider for skiing is Ski Land in Alaska.

Skiland is a lift-served ski and snowboard area located at Cleary Summit via the Steese Highway, just around 20 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is also considered one of the best viewing spots in the winter, well known for its spots where you can enjoy seeing the northern lights and have a great view of the Poker Flat Research Station and Rocket Range.

For its facilities and amazing views, it is indeed a perfect location for family retreats and for those who wish to hike and ski. Fairbanks’ entire town is also beautiful, although one might remark that some winters could get bad in the town.

Another reason to love Ski Land is for the reason that it is usually warmer than the rest of the town of Fairbanks and its surrounding areas in the winter. Because of this, recreation at Ski Land can be enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike.

Skiing in Ski Land

Ski season usually opens in November and can still be enjoyed until late April. It is best to ski in the location on weekends. For maximum security offered to its customers and skiers, the slopes of Ski Land are being monitored by the National Ski Patrol.

What you can do there other than skiing

Besides skiing and hiking activities, you can indulge in Ski Land; you may also enjoy tree and glade skiing.

Ski Land does not only operate in winters. In fact, there are also activities you can enjoy there during summer. One of the best summer activities in Ski Land is the ATV Tour. This tour involves going around the historic Fairbanks-Circle Trail and all its fantastic side spots.

A Brief History of the Place

Ski Land originally opened in the 1960s – 1962, to be exact. Its original offering was a traditional chairlift. It was only until 2015 when the area was developed into what it is now, as the new management could renovate and improve the entire facility.

The major improvements include an expansion of the area, improvement of its lodging, expansion of its trail and lift facilities, installing other facilities, such as the snowmaking one, and major improvement of its maintenance and overall appeal.

The area once hosted the Alpine Skiing event for the Arctic Winter Games in the year 2014. In 2018 during summertime, Ski Land officially launched their ATV tours that provide you with insightful and breathtaking views of the Circle-Fairbanks Historic Trail and the Alaska wilderness.

Facilities and Availability

Ski Land is home to Silver Star, a 3882′ long Mueller Double Chair Lift. This astounding lift can elevate and bring guests up in the mountain and let them stay there to enjoy the view for around 10 minutes. This lift is one of the significant reasons to enjoy Ski Land.

Another reason to traverse Alaska and go to Ski Land is for Sunny Side. It is another ride housed at Ski land. Sunny Side is a 360′ Sun Kid Wonder Carpet that efficiently enables a more effortless loading, unloading, and riding of people of all ages who consider themselves beginners of lifts or rides.

Besides, beginners are also catered to in a separate area on the Sunny Side lift side.

In terms of accommodation, Ski Land offers day time activities with their two-day lodges. These lodges include a full kitchen, rental shop, and a day-use area. These lodges are open every weekend.

At night, these lodges are also open for $30 a person for their well-known northern lights viewing from October to April.

People who might want to enjoy these lodges in the summer should note that Ski Lands close their lodges during the spring, summer, and fall. However, these lodges are open all year round for renting if you may need a venue for your special occasions and events, such as weddings.

Training Area and Arena

Ski Land also serves as the venue for the Fairbanks Alpine Ski Club’s renowned pieces of training and races. A Race Office is located up in the mountain just near where the Sunny Side is set up.

You may also check these unlikely skiing locations. However, all these mentioned above already give you good reasons to try and visit Ski Land. It does not only offer you to satisfy your need for a good skiing run, but it also provides reasonable accommodation, view, and rides that can make a typical skiing weekend getaway one of your bests so far.