Ski In Middle East: Experience Dizin Ski Resort

Welcome to Dizin

Dizin Ski Resort is a skiing destination in Tehran Province in the country of Iran. Contrary to the Middle East’s misconception, this destination is tagged as one of the best ski resorts in the area. It offers 18 long kilometers of skiing and snowboarding terrain for skiers, both professional and amateurs alike. You may like these remote ski destinations globally, but if you find yourself in the Middle East, make sure to visit Dizin.

Where is the Dizin Ski resort located? And how can you get there?

As mentioned, it is situated in the Tehran Province of Iran. From the capital of Tehran, a one-way taxi ride can take you to the location. Another option to get there is through booking with a hotel or travel agent that can set you with a group tour to take you there. In case you are traveling by private car, there are two routes you may take to get there. The safest route, however, the longest, is via Karaj. It would take you around 2 and a half hours to ride to Dizin from Tehran.

If you opt for the quickest road, you may travel through Shemshak resort. Take note that this short trip travels along the road that is typically cautioned for avalanches and its steepness. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the route via Karaj for safer travel unless you are day-traveling, which may be less dangerous via the Shemshak resort.

It is also suggested that travels check the weather before departing to ensure that the journey is as safe and smooth as possible.

Skiing experience in Dizin

Dizin resort offers three degrees of skiing experience: easy, intermediate, and difficult. The easy trail is 5 kilometers in length, the intermediate is 9 kilometers, and the difficult terrain is 4 kilometers.

The resort also offers a total of 18 ski lifts. They typically operate during skiing season, which starts in late November and usually ends in May’s last few days. Take note that the schedule is provided by the resort and is subject to change depending on the season, weather, and holidays.

Dizin’s ski lift is 3,600 meters or (11,800 ft.) high, the highest in the facility, and considered the 40th highest ski resort in the entire world.

The skiing terrain is high up to 2,530 to 3,506 meters from the ground, making it ideal for its climate and perfect for thrill-seekers.

Dizin ski resort assures that both professionals and amateurs or beginners may enjoy their skiing experience. For beginners or those interested in learning the activity, Dizin ski resort offers instructions on Alpine Skiing and snowboarding. These instructions are divided into three levels of difficulty and can be hired on an hourly or daily basis, with an additional option for a private or public session with the instructors. These ski instructors may also be hired to guide you to the location, especially take you to the mountain or do off-piste skiing.

Those who do not have or have not brought their skiing equipment with them may rent or purchase skiing equipment in the resort.

What to enjoy in Dizin?

As mentioned, the resort has 18 lift services for visitors.

Hotels are also situated within the resort’s premises and near it where you can stay the night or an entire weekend to maximize your trip.

Aside from skiing, you may also enjoy your trip by enjoying the view of Mount Damavand, the highest mountain in the whole of Iran. Rest assured, the view of the mountain and the locations around it are astonishing, something you would not afford to miss whenever you find yourself in Dizin. Of course, ski resorts are known for their high-end facilities and thrilling skiing trails, and the view they offer.

Along with scenic views, you can also enjoy and have a taste of Iranian culture via their restaurants and snack stores. A snack bar is at the top of the slope, a whooping 2,980 meters from the ground. Meanwhile, these restaurants are available at Dizin resort, located on an elevated place in the resort: Hotel One’s Restaurant and Coffee-Shop, Hotel Two’s Restaurant, and Coffee-Shop, Chaman Restaurant & Coffee-Shop, and Chalet Restaurant & Coffee-Shop.

Did you bring your little kids with you? Do not worry because Dizin ski resort has a childcare facility to take care of your little ones while enjoying your Dizin experience. For this, Dizin is indeed one of the best ski resorts in the world for family trips.

This Childcare facility is situated at the Chaman Restaurant building. The children may be left in the care of the resort’s professional staff, who can assure the kids’ safety and leisure while the rest of the group enjoys the resort.