Popular Summer Mountain Sports

Despite the presence of technology, people still love to go outdoors. This is due to the exciting outdoor sports, and one of them is indulging in different types of mountain sports. In fact, technology has made these sports even more exhilarating and safer than ever, by way of much-improved mountaineering gear. Here are the mountain sports and activities that are popular during the summer season.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing started during the latter part of the 19th century, and over the decades this sport has become more advanced. It is one of the integral parts of mountaineering and enthusiasts of this sports climb on an inclined rock surface with or without any support (such as harnesses). It really tests your muscles and determination to conquer to the top, and once you make it, the feeling of success is exhilarating. Rock climbing is considered to be quite dangerous because there is a high risk of falling. It is essential that one uses the right gear and equipment in order to have a safe rock climbing experience.

There are four types of rock climbing. These include Aided, Free, Bouldering, and Solo. Aided rock climbing means gear is repeatedly placed on the ascent. Aided rock climbing is done when it is impossible or extremely difficult to reach the top with a free climb. The free climb means that the climber is mainly dependent on his own strength and skill. There is assistance with a top belay system. Bouldering is a type of climbing where climbing is not done on a high mountain. There is a short and set-specified route. Lastly, solo climbing is a climb without the assistance of any belay device.

Beginners can start with indoor wall climbing, and when they’re ready, they may want to move on to climb a real rock face.


Trekking is one of the relatively less strenuous mountaineering activities. Enjoy the high alpine air and the beautiful natural scenery while you climb up high and explore the mountain’s more concealed areas.

Trekking mainly involves carrying gear around when hiking. It is usually an extended journey and is a form of going on top of the mountain for the beginners. Trekking is usually done in groups, and people use shelters or mountain huts to stay if the trekking is long. It is also known as backpacking and bushwalking.


Also popularly known as rappelling, abseiling involves vertically descending from a high and steep formation (such as a cliff or a rock face) by using a rope. Abseiling is usually dangerous and is the opposite of trekking since it requires going down instead of going up. Many people consider it easy because it does not give any fatigue and one does not get tired easily. However, climbing downhill requires a certain skill because if one slips, they will make a very bad way to the bottom which may result in numerous injuries or any fatal accidents too.

To keep it safe, a rope is usually doubled and tied around the body so that even if someone slips, they are safe and can rejoin the journey.

Camping Trip

A camping trip in the mountains allows you and your friends and family to experience nature up close. Experience “roughing it” in the mountains by fetching water, cook food from a woodfire, foraging for mountain berries at a nearby forest and many related activities, by yourself. This might not be a sport exactly, but it is definitely one of the best mountain activities that one could engage in. It seems funny because it takes you back to an era where you have to look for food, fire, water, and other stuff that may not be available in the mountains. One should always carry the necessary equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mosquito repellants, bulbs, and any power supplies to charge their cellular devices. Camping is quite common in almost all countries of the world.


This is pretty much the same as trekking or backpacking. While hiking you may also go for a stop to set up camp, or you may not. Hiking is not very different from trekking as hiking is usually a long trip to the top. On the midway, you can stay and rest and even plan on living some nights. Since it is usually a longer journey, Hiking is done on the taller mountains as the climbers can rest easily at multiple times which boosts their stamina.

Mountain Biking

Popular Summer Mountain Sports

Mountain biking is another popular mountain sport among enthusiasts, as it gives them the thrill and exhilarating feeling of biking over the rivers and descending down the mountain trails. As we all know, specific bikes are built for this kind of sport. Get a good mountain bike, and you are all set. Make sure you have the right things packed for a fun-filled journey. This includes helmet, lighting, basic kneecaps, and an insulated water bottle.

One of the things that are usually difficult to find is an Insulated water bottle. Users have often complained that they are unable to find a bottle that they can rely on. A well-insulated water bottle does not leak and is resistant to damage as well. If you are looking for the best insulated water bottle, you can get it from here. This water bottle has been well-seen by the customers and has various positive reviews too. There are more than 20 colors for this water bottle which means you can easily choose from your favorite one.

Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding is derived from snowboarding and is believed to emerge during the late 20th century. With this sport, it gives other adventure-seekers the chance to experience the thrill of snowboarding even during the hot summer months, or when living in places with a hot climate. Mountain boarding is not as common as other mountain sports, but it can be definitely regarded as one of the most thrilling experiences. All it requires is a four feel wide skateboard that has off-road wheels to go through the rough mountains. It is also regarded as All-terrain boarding.

Mountain Climbing

For many centuries, mountain climbing has never gone out of trend and is indeed the integral part of any mountain sport. Whether you’re scaling Mt. Everest or go for an extended hike at the tropical mountain range, climbing has been practiced by enthusiasts in many countries all over the world.

Mountaineering has been one of the most popular outdoor activities since the era of the ancient man. It is definitely not an everyday task and not an easy one as well. It requires intense effort, and one has to achieve a whole mountain for it. The climb could be difficult, and the way to the top may require days. However, this is the sport of real mountain lovers who have a passion for accomplishing different mountains.