Best Mountains for Beginning Skiers in the New England Area

Best Mountains for Beginning Skiers in the New England Area

New England may be known for its stunning fall foliage and quaint small towns, but come winter, it transforms into a skier’s paradise. With a plethora of ski resorts and mountains, it can be overwhelming for beginners to choose the right destination for their first skiing experience. Whether you are a local … Read more

Best Mountains for Snowboarding in the United States

snowboarding in the mountains

The United States is home to some of the best snowboarding mountains in the world. From the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the powdery slopes of the Pacific Northwest, there are a wide range of snowboarding destinations to choose from. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s a … Read more

Are Basketball Shoes Appropriate for Hiking?

Basketball shoes play one red

Are you a basketball fan who wants to tackle hiking trails? While putting on your trusty basketball sneakers and going for the hills may be tempting, you should think twice. Basketball shoes are made to provide support and traction on the court, but they lack the toughness and ruggedness required for hiking. In this … Read more

Is It Harder To Play Baseball At High Altitudes?


Baseball is a popular sport that is played all around the world. Nonetheless, the environment in which baseball is played can significantly affect how challenging the game is. The effect of playing baseball at high elevations is one aspect that has generated discussion. The atmospheric conditions fluctuate at high elevations, which can … Read more

Discovering the Alps

Mont Blanc massif, the highest range of the Alps, view from the Savoy side

The Alps are Europe’s most populous, highest, and largest mountain range. This mountain range is a collection of great mountain systems in south central Europe that form an arc 1200 km (750 miles) from the Gulf of Genoa to Vienna’s Danube River. The Alps formed between 23 million and 34 million years … Read more

Mountains Separating Antarctica Into East and West

the The Transantarctic Mountains in northern Victoria Land near Cape Roberts

The geography of Antarctica may appear perplexing at first. Much of Antarctica appears featureless and white from space, implying that there are few elements to guide you. It’s one thing to be aware that Pine Island Glacier is located in West Antarctica, but it’s another to know which part of the iced … Read more

Getting the Right Size Ski Boots Can Reduce Foot Pain

a close up photo of a skier wearing ski boots on skis

The most common complaints of skiers worldwide are arch pain, throbbing ankles, purple toes, aching shins, and overall foot pain. Snowboarders make fun of rock-hard boots, and beginners wonder if the sport is even worth it with such awkward footwear.  Of course, we know it is, and those who have found the … Read more

Fun Facts About the Nordic Combined

a pictogram of the Nordic combined

At the Winter Olympics, there are three types of skiing events. Alpine skiing consists of traditional downhill events in which skiers compete. The newest discipline is freestyle skiing, which involves athletes flipping and spinning over moguls or in the halfpipe. That leaves Nordic events, defined as those in which athletes’ heels are … Read more