How Long Is the Appalachian Mountain Range vs the Rocky Mountains

the Smoky Mountains National Park scenic sunrise landscape at the Oconaluftee Overlook

The United States is an enormous and geographically diverse nation with various landforms and climatic zones. The Sierra Nevada Range, the Rockies, the Cascade Range, the Appalachians, and the Coast Range are the five major mountain ranges in the United States. Today, we’ll look at the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains, … Read more

Hiking Grills That Are Easy to Carry

man grilling some sausages

Hiking is a fun and exciting activity because you can go anywhere you like. You can go to the woods in your local area, hike in the mountains, or go hiking in other countries. However, wherever you go hiking, there will always come a time when you feel your hunger and decide … Read more

Things You May Not Know About Log Cabins

brown cabin house surrounded by trees during autumn

Shelter is among our three basic needs as humans, and we have spent a long time simplifying and perfecting our mastery of this necessity.  The original purpose of log cabin dwellings was to protect from the elements.  Over the years, as more people realized how efficient, exquisite, and cost-effective log cabins are, … Read more

Fun Facts About The Sport Skiing

man downhill skiing

Skiing is among the most well-known winter sports or recreation for many people worldwide. It involves moving through a snowy slope using a pair of skis and long and flat runners strapped to someone’s shoes.  A lot of people have been skiing for winter competitions. Competitive skiing consists of several events such … Read more

Lens Differences on Sunglasses for Rock Climbing

man rock climbing in the mountains

Sunglasses are essential for mountaineering and rock climbing activities. Rock climbers require strong eye protection, especially since they deal with the bright and blazing rays of the sun, and we all know that UV rays are harmful to one’s eyes. Aside from that, you cannot possibly avoid the tiny particles and debris … Read more

Are Alpine Sports More Than Skiing?

people hiking on a snow covered mountain

Alpine sports, also referred to as mountain sports, include activities other than skiing. These mountainous or hilly terrain sports carry a higher level of risk, necessitating special equipment and specialized training before they can safely undertake them. While skiing is arguably among the most popular alpine sport, it is far from the … Read more

How Do Electric Ski Goggles Work?

person in black goggles and black face mask 

Have you ever wondered how do electric ski goggles work? Is it just a fashion statement? What would happen if you decide not to wear electric ski goggles during skiing? If you’re an avid skier, these questions loiter around in your mind but don’t worry! Let’s get to know and find answers!  … Read more