Mt. Washington Expedition

Location: Sargent’s Purchase, Coös County, New Hampshire, U.S.
Elevation: 6,288.2 feet

About Mount Washington

The record-holding “Mount Washington” isn’t only famous for its extreme 231-mile-per-hour land-based weather station recorded winds (during April 1934). But is also known as the highest point of the northeastern United States. This spot isn’t only for mountaineers, though. Suppose your family or friends decided to tag along, and they’re into pizza and hot dogs. In that case, the Sherman Adams Visitor Center’s cafeteria at the top of the mountain is ready to sell and serve hot and cold food and beverages. Mount Washington welcomes both the daring mountaineers and the supportive, jolly company.

Clothing, Equipment, and Precautions for a Mount Washington Hike

Mount Washington doesn’t require any overnight stay or camp to hike it. You only need the lightweight day pack of water, sunglasses, and some high-calorie snacks. Trail mixes, bananas, peanuts, and other easily digested snacks are best to help your body with the calories ascending Mount Washington burns. Hikers suggest lightweight, long pants, a long-sleeve quick-dry shirt, a hat, pair of gloves and a rain jacket or dense fleece jacket you might need.

The Best Time to Visit Mount Washington

The best months to visit Mount Washington for average tourists and hikers alike are summer months. It isn’t recommended to hike during late fall and spring as the trails become covered with snow and ice. However, if you’re up for that challenge and adventure, proceed with caution and add a thicker wardrobe. The trails would then have an average temperature of -5°C to 2°C.

How to Get There

Getting to Mount Washington’s Area from New Hampshire’s Capital, Concord, you could drive yourself. Driving on a personal or rented car for the 82-mile distance would take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. For public transport, buses depart every day from the Eastern Slope Inn, and the whole trip takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Common Mount Washington Trails

  • Tuckerman Ravine

The Tuckerman Ravine Trail departs from Pinkham Notch and gets you approximately 4,300 vertical feet. The Tuckerman Ravine takes about six hours with 4.2 miles one-way. On the way, you might meet a lot of slippery spots as close by lies a modest waterfall. There may also be a lot of loose rocks you might slide on.

  • Lion’s Head Trail

Like the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, the Lion’s Head Trail also departs from Pinkham Notch, rises about 4,300 vertical feet, and gets you 4.2 miles one-way. However, it is much steeper and rugged. Thus, it is a lesser crowd, a better view, and a trail that will take you to the summit in 4 hours.

  • Jewell Trail

The Jewell Trail is known as the most common and easy trail to hike Mount Washington. The path begins in a parking lot in the Cog Railways station in Base Road. Giving you a 4,000-foot elevation with unforgettable views, the Jewell Trail takes about 3.5 hours and 5.2 miles one-way. It isn’t considered as a dangerous trail as some hikers bring their children to this path. However, remember to always be wary at all times.

  • Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail

The Ammonosuc Ravine Trail departs from the Cog Railway parking lot and is 0.7 miles shorter than the Jewell Trail (4.5 miles one-way). The trail takes about 3-4 hours. The Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is steeper and ruggeder, however, compared to the Jewell Trail. The Ammonoosuc Trail also takes you to visit the Lake of Clouds AMC, an “off-the-grid” hut.

Some Facts about Mount Washington

This mountain is called “Agiocochook” by some Native American tribes. But to most people today, it is looked upon as Mount Washington. This towering giant was named after Gen. George Washington in 1784 because he wasn’t President during such time. In 1859, the first road to the mountain’s summit was finished. This action made it possible for carriages to travel upwards to the top. The namesake was even made more formalized when the Reverend Manasseh Cutler stated, “the base of the summit of Mount Washington.”

The Crowd to Expect in Mount Washington

Mount Washington’s summit, now a State Park, is visited by over a quarter of a million people each year. Every day, especially during the summer, Mount Washington’s summit is visited by several thousand people, whether by hiking or driving on wheeled vehicles through the 7.6. mile Auto Road.

On the top of Mount Washington

On Mount Washington lies the Sherman Adams building. It’s a modern summit building that houses a Visitor Center with the cafeteria mentioned above, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory, and its museum.

Reasons to Hike Mount Washington?

Many treasure the contribution of George Washington to the community. To bring honor to this president’s action, it only seems right that climbing this mountain is a thing to do.

Mount Washington is one of the top summits to hike. It does not only improve your health and stamina, but the view and experience Mount Washington can give can enlighten souls and bring multitudes a breathtaking view that can last a lifetime.