Mountain Treasure Hunting Tips You Should Definitely Know

There are many places in the world where you can find some hidden, lost, or unrecognized treasures. Some people often take treasure hunting as an unreal phenomenon, but there are some real-life examples where people have awarded themselves with million dollars just by the end of their treasure hunting journey. One example is the man who found an original copy of the U.S Declaration of independence in a picture frame. It’s quite surprising and wonderful to know that a civil war sword has been found by a seven-year-old on his birthday – he found this sword with the help of a metal detector scoop.

Treasures are out there. So, here are some tips that can assist you in your mountain treasure hunting. View here to learn more about

Research the Mountains and Area Beforehand

Research related to your treasure hunting place is very important. It gives you knowledge about which areas of a mountain you should explore. Any area which has not been in use for years or a place where no mountaineer has gone or explored can be a good place for treasure hunting. Learn about the history of the mountain to help guide you on your hunt. You may even find some treasure hidden in some of the best mountains for beginners.

Read Up on Mountain Treasure Hunting

Research can be done through treasure hunting adventure books such as “Meditations on Hunting” by Jose Ortegay Gasset, “Beyond Fair Chase: The Ethnic & Tradition of Hunting” by Jim Posewitz and “Adventure of Mountain Men: True Tales of Hunting, Trapping, Fighting and Survival” by Stephen Brenan. These books have stories of other treasure hunters who have experienced the life you are about to live in your next journey. Books written on treasure hunting also give clues, opening your mind for new doors to get to know about the hidden or lost treasures. You must explore the websites, newspapers and magazines which have stories about lost treasure. One of the best books is “Lost Treasure Tales of the Rockies” by Perry Eberhardt. Check out for more information.

Join Treasure Hunting Clubs

There are some clubs that you should join before leaving for mountain treasure hunting, like a mountain treasure hunting club, or metal detecting club near your house or area. Joining such clubs gives you multiple advantages. The members of these clubs have been on adventures of mountain treasure hunting for years. They have a lot of information about metal detectors and they have experience treasure hunting. They can share tips and information with you that will assist you and guide you on a treasure-hunting journey on a mountain. Serious treasure hunters aslo have a better knowledge of detectors and when to use such detectors. They can share advice with you about places you must go to or avoid for the better treasure hunting experience.

Detector Selection

After the end of the research and exploration step, you will have a greater knowledge about the mountains you are going to climb or places you are going to visit for treasure hunting. Now, the next step is to select the metal detector that will help you in finding treasure. In the presence of a good quality and efficient detector, you don’t have to dig for long the hard dirt, as you can pinpoint locations better.

A tool belt for your metal detector is a must, as it will make it easier for you to carry your detector. Otherwise, carrying it without a holder or belt can be exhausting for you. So, the selection of a good metal detector and accessories is an important tip for you.

Wear Mountaineering Boots

Proper fitted, comfortable and supportive  mountaineering boots are a must have item, otherwise badly damaged feet will ruin your mountain treasure hunting experience. Investing the time and effort on selecting good mountain boots will make your treasure hunting experience more comfortable.

Safety First Accessories

There are some small but important accessories that you will need in your hunting journey. Polarized sunglasses and hats are those accessories that you should keep while you are on a mountain treasure hunting journey, to protect your eyes and face from the sun. You should also pack plenty of water to stay hydrated, snacks for energy, and a first aid kit just in case.

Important Maps and Google Earth for Treasure Hunting

Paper maps, online Topographic maps or Google Earth are a good source of information during the treasure hunting journey. Google maps is a better informational source as compared to other sources.

Check Weather Reports

Last but not the least, keep yourself updated about the region you are going to travel and check the forecast before going there. This will give you a better knowledge on what to wear and how to prepare. In case of rain, you’ll have the necessary precautions measures with you.


The hunting journey is not all about what you get at the end of your day but it is all about how well you have planned and executed it. All in all, these tips, tricks, and guidelines can make your mountain hunting experience exciting as well as rewarding. Good luck with your hunt and happy hunting!