How to Naturally Prevent Hair Breakage for Men

Hair breakage is a common disappointment in both males and females. At one point in our life, we have all dealt with hair breakage. To get to that level of hair glow and growth, we have to follow different remedies for damaged hair and split ends. Just like women’s hair, men’s hair is susceptible to breakage. Nevertheless, this article is here to give you several tips on how to naturally prevent hair breakage.

Cause of hair breakage

Once you discover the root cause of hair breakage, you will find it easier to prevent it from happening.

  • One cause of hair breakage is split ends that happen as a result of chemicals in certain shampoos. In the end, your hair dries up leading to damage.
  • The second cause is perm and coloring. After continued use, the strong chemicals may have adverse effects on your hair.
  • The third cause is the lack of a regular trim. In the event, your hair forms tangles which may destroy your texture.
  • Lastly, wrong styling tools that expose your hair to excess heat or brushing may cause excessive hair breakage.

Tips to prevent hair breakage

1. Healthy diet

The best hair thrives on proteins. For this reason, you should ensure that your food contains enough portions of proteins. This will prevent your hair from unexpected breakages. Nevertheless, you should avoid excess proteins as they make your shafts brittle.

2. Quit smoking and drinking

As much as most of you hate this point, it remains relevant when it comes to your hair. Smoking and drinking inhibit the growth of your strands. You don’t have to quit forever. All you need to do is keep off the cigar and beers for some time to make your hair stronger again.

3. Hot oil massage

The main reason for hair breakage is due to lack of nutrients. You could counter this problem by giving a hot oil massage of coconut, olive, almond oil, or any other. This massage helps as it works from the roots, thus strengthening them from external pressures that cause breakage. Once you have this massage, cover your head in a towel and head to bed for a good night’s sleep.

4. Olive and mayonnaise pack

Most of us enjoy the yumminess of mayonnaise on a sandwich and fail to realize that we would use the same to nourish our hair. To have a great mask, ensure that you mix it with olive oil and white vinegar. Apply it on the hair and only remove after complete signs of dryness. The purpose of mayonnaise and olive oil is to nourish and strengthen your hair whereas vinegar prevents them from entangling and breakage.

5. Banana hair mask

Bananas contain proteins, fats, and potassium that are helpful to your hair and general body growth. You could strengthen your paste through the addition of olive oil and honey. Cover your hair in this paste for 30 minutes. After the wash, you will be left with thick and glossy hair.

6. Avoid over washing your hair

The maximum number of times to clean your head should be 2-3 times a week. Once you expose your hair to too much washing, it loses its natural oils and becomes dry and brittle after a while. Over-washing may tempt your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum thus making your hair and scalp oiler. The more your scalp feels oiler, the more the need to wash it. In the end, you will have weakened your hair strands which will eventually lead to breakage.

7. Regular haircuts

If you realize that the hair breakage is too much, you may take the most comfortable option of shaving. Regular cuts prompt the hair to grow faster and more evenly. The freshly grown hair tends to be stronger than preceding strands.


Breakage and hair loss occurs as a result of unavoidable circumstances such as illnesses, or still due to recklessness. If you do away with lousy hair behaviors such as excessive use of hair products, exposure to heat or poor handling during washing, the problem will come to an end. Nevertheless, you can still reduce this breakage by the use of different techniques such as healthy diet, hot oil massage, olive oil, mayonnaise, and regular haircuts. You don’t have to get pills for your problems. For more information, visit;