How to and Where to Run Restaurant Ads Online

Are you running a restaurant and having trouble getting proper reach? Well, you can’t be blamed as it is a challenging task to run ads on different places online while also trying to keep track of your business and expand it. However, if done the right way, you can find a lot of ways to get proper reach and without having to spend a high amount of cash. The points given below are to help you find some efficient, effective ways to promote your restaurant. Please, go through the entire article so that you can get a good idea on this matter.

Social Media

Social media contain a massive amount of audiences. To get good exposure from the people on this platform, you should try to use their features that are specially created for business and marketing. For example, just by creating a Facebook page and keep engaging your customers with new posts and creative advertisements, you can get a considerable sum of reach. Twitter can help you getting even the most respected individuals of the locality to be a part of your community. You can engage with your audience and post images of your foods. Instagram is an excellent place to post pictures of your delicious meals. Fortunately, most of these social media are completely free, unlike most other platforms that require buy-ins.

Your Website

In an angle, this might not look like an advertisement, but in reality, this perfectly works to boost your reach. You may have a website for your restaurant, but are you sure that it is attractive to the customers? Well, you should be, as it can make your restaurant more appealing. Try to give an accurate menu. Remove everything that is not available. Giving false hope to people won’t be a good idea. Don’t forget to keep the webpages as user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as possible. Apply images of your restaurant and food on the site and make sure that they look amazing as they can attract new audiences.


Most people nowadays rely on Google to find a place to get a bite, especially when they are in a new place. It is the most popular search engine on the planet. While advertising your restaurant on Google might be costly, but doing it properly can save your money. You need to use a perfect keyword to let your restaurant appear when people search for a place to take their meal. Do it yourself or hire a professional. For getting a massive reach in your business, google should be a must to use.


Blogging is also a pretty good way to get in touch with a vast audience. Blogging is free. You need a creative mind to do it, or you can even hire a professional blogger to do the job for you. It will work as a great advertisement process and keep your audiences engaged and excited.

Mentioning why your restaurant is a unique place, what types of foods are available, what do the staffs do in their daily work time, etc. can get people interested in your restaurant. And with ads, you can do those easily!