Hiking Grills That Are Easy to Carry

Hiking is a fun and exciting activity because you can go anywhere you like. You can go to the woods in your local area, hike in the mountains, or go hiking in other countries. However, wherever you go hiking, there will always come a time when you feel your hunger and decide that it’s time to fill your empty stomachs after a long day full of physical activities. This is when portable hiking grills come in handy. 

Grilling has been practiced for hundreds of years, and it has been a huge part of humans’ lives. Most people like cooking outside their homes and enjoy the outdoor environment, so grills are essential in one’s life. Aside from that, grilling is much more fun, especially when you are out there hiking. 

This is why portable hiking grills, just like any other hiking gear, are very helpful and essential. Being able to grill wherever you are hiking is such a great advantage. The perfect easy-to-carry hiking grill must be thin and compact. When going hiking, you should avoid bringing bulky grills because they will only add extra weight while you’re hiking. It is important to know that small and compact hiking grills do not mean that they’re not functional.

Usually, when going hiking, you would most probably depend on the wood you can collect along the hiking trails to light up a fire and cook your meals. You cannot rely on big and bulky grills like propane grills because it would be impossible for you to bring them along as you hike. So hikers really need foldable or portable hiking grills, which may work with butane or charcoal. 

The portable hiking grills you need are those you can bring anytime and anywhere, can be slim and foldable, and do not take up lots of space. Choosing the right portable hiking grill ensures you that you can enjoy your hiking trip without having to starve. 

If you are planning for your hiking trip but still contemplating what hiking grill to buy, this blog is for you. Read on to know some of the best hiking grills that are easy to carry. 

Firebox Nano

First on the list is Fire Box Nano, a Bushcraft camp stove kit. This portable hiking grill provides you with many things you will need when hiking, especially a place to cook. This hiking grill is very compact and portable, easy to bring no matter how far you’re hiking. 

This grill comes with a hinged damper which you can use for additional exhaust. It also has a feature that allows you to increase the flame and the turbulence of the grill. 

Using this for the first time may be a little tricky, but there are available instructional videos that you can follow, and after some practice, operating this grill will be a piece of cake. Firebox Nano is a durable and multifunctional hiking grill, which will be perfect for your future hiking plans. 

The downside of this hiking grill is that it can be too pricey. However, this grill is certainly worth the price. 

Darwin Briefcase BBQ

This hiking grill may look like your usual briefcase, but this grill is an amazing product you might want to acquire for your next hiking trip. Darwin Briefcase BBQ is a triangular-shaped grill that consists of an ash pan and grilling space. 

This portable hiking grill is ideal for grilling some burgers or other small-sized food during your hiking. What’s nice about this is that it’s easy to clean the pan and the grilling space, so you won’t have to be concerned about oil and burnt residues from tagging along with you while hiking. 

This grill is not that expensive. For about 27 dollars, you can already have a great and functional hiking grill. 

Cityboy Picnic Grill

Some people like grilling using gas, and others prefer charcoal. However, if you like to use gas grills, then Cityboy Picnic Grill is the perfect hiking grill for you. 

A standard 225 grams gas cartridge heats up this grill. It is made of steel to achieve a sleek-looking stainless steel grill during your hiking trip. It also consists of an oak handle, making it easy to carry around your trip. 

Klaus Aalto designed this portable grill, and you can buy this for 230 dollars. 

UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill (mini)

Another great option for a portable grill is the USO Flatpack. It comes in two sizes: mini and regular. If you usually go out for hiking, camping, and any outdoor activities, then the mini size is a perfect choice. 

The mini size of this hiking grill measures 9 x 6.75 inches and can cook approximately three servings simultaneously. Another excellent feature of this hiking grill is that it consists of steel walls, so your fire will not be easily put out by the winds, as the steel walls help shield your flames. Aside from shielding the flames, the steel material of this hiking grill helps avoid the formation of rust that could damage your grill. 

This grill is extremely stable, and you can set it up easily. This grill might be on the pricey side, but your money will be worth it when you buy this portable grill. It’s made of strong material, so you are ensured that it will last long. 

Eva Solo Togo Grill

Eva Solo Togo Grill is a portable hiking grill with an incredibly sleek design. This grill has a handle that cools easily, allowing you to carry this portable grill around when hiking. Aside from its handle, it also has practical straps, which help the grill to keep stable when you transport it around or during storage. 

Eva Solo Togo Grill also comes with a lid, and this lid doubles and extends like a dome to cover it while cooking your food. This portable and high-quality hiking grill might be too pricey, as it costs 210 dollars. However, it surely is worth its price. 

Unigear Foldable Backpacking Camping Stove

Unigear portable grill is an excellent choice if you like using charcoal and, at the same time, wood when starting a fire and cooking your meal. Aside from the two, you may also use twigs, grass, or leaves, if there is no wood or charcoal available to start a fire. 

This hiking grill can be of the size of a book when folded. This means that you can easily store it inside your hiking backpack and take it out effortlessly whenever you want to take a break and cook your food. 

It is made of stainless steel material, so it is very durable and can last you a long time. The downside of this hiking grill is that it does not come with an ashtray that collects ashes and residues from the fire. So you may need to clean up your trash after you’re done cooking. However, this is only a small and manageable problem. 

Unigear Foldable Backpacking Camping Stove might be pricey, but it is also worth the penny.