Hiking Gear Guide – Must-Have Equipment for the Outdoors

Hiking can be one of the most satisfying outdoor activity you can do right now. The challenge of conquering a trail or a climb and being rewarded by unique sceneries not everyone will be able to enjoy can be extremely gratifying. That being said, it is important for would-be hikers to know the importance of having the right hiking gear on your trip.

Having the right hiking gear can significantly improve convenience and can even be the difference between life and death. Not to be over-dramatic, but going on outdoor camping trips and hikes requires absolute preparation. If you are new to this activity, you have come to the right hiking blog to guide you on your way. Take a quick gander at all the hiking gear you will need in order to ensure your outdoor experience will be one to remember.

Essential Hiking Gear

Below is a list of key hiking equipment that you should definitely have with you during your outdoor treks.

1. Outdoor Backpack

This is the primary equipment you will need for obvious reasons. A well-made, sturdy, and compact outdoor backpack is a must. As for the size, that will depend on how long your outdoor trip will last. For single day hikes, a standard size backpack will do. If you plan on camping on the site as well, then larger ones that can contain various essential camping equipment is important.

2. Outdoor Clothing Wear

The proper clothing is also an important facet of any outdoor activities. Again, this will depend on where you plan on hiking. Research is key here. Figure out the average day and night temperature of the location. You should also check the natural climate and weather of the location. Is it usually sunny? Will you encounter rain or snow? Adapt properly. This will give you an idea as to what type of clothes you will need to wear on your trek.

3. Hiking Boots

You can’t just bring your everyday footwear when hiking. You need shoes that can offer comfort, protection, and durability in spades. The hiking boot is a third of the trifecta of key items you need if you plan on going on a hike.

What separates hiking boots from your standard shoes? For starters, it is designed to be as tough as nails. You will be traversing uneven and rough terrain which means you need footwear that is designed to tackle such environments.

Hiking boots also offer a variety of special features. They are waterproof with some offering a decent level of insulation. They are also designed to offer optimum traction on all types of surfaces which will prevent accidental slipping. All hiking boots are all constructed using top of the line techniques to ensure durability and longevity.

4. Food and Water

Up next are the items that you will need during your hike. Most hiking trips will take up most of the day, hence, you will need to bring food and water with you. You can bring lightweight food/snacks with you like sandwiches or energy bars. Again, this depends on how long the trek will take back and forth.

Water is important here as hiking can take a good toll physically. You will need to rehydrate often during your hike. It is actually recommended that you bring at least 2 liters of water with you. Get a hydration pack/reservoir as these are more compact and easier to bring than an actual 2-liter water bottle.

Navigational Equipment

If you will be hiking to a site that does not have a pre-set trail then it is important that you have a map and compass with you. Of course, you have to know how to use those to navigate as well.

First Aid and Hygiene Items

Accidents can happen at any time. You can prepare as much as you want but certain events just are not in our control. This is why it is always important to bring a first aid kit whenever you are going on an outdoor activity like hiking. We cannot stress how important this is, always bring a first aid kit.

Hygiene items are also essential such as hand sanitizers and prescription medications if you have them. Don’t forget to bring sunblock, insect repellent, and toilet paper as well.


Another essential outdoor gear is the multi-tool. These are basically upgraded Swiss Army knives that contain almost double the tools.

Final Thoughts

Hiking is a great activity for outdoor enthusiasts or for those who simply want to admire what nature offers. However, you should never take such an activity lightly. Doing proper research and preparing the right equipment is a golden rule that should never be broken by anyone who wishes to go for camping or hiking. Check back regularly in this hiking blog to learn more about important information and helpful tips for all your outdoor activities.