Highest Mountains in the World

Everyone would love to “conquer the world” by climbing the highest mountains. However, few have successfully done it. For the not-so-sporty ones, they content themselves with just viewing and getting so awestruck at the mountains’ spectacular beauty and sheer majesty. Here we list the highest mountain on the planet (in no particular order)

Pico Cristobal Colon is the highest peak in Colombia, rising 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) above sea level. It is also the fifth most prominent mountain in the world. It was first climbed by a famous mountain climber named A. Bakerwell in the year 1939. The peak is also well known for its beautiful scenic view and surroundings.

Aconcagua is located in Mendoza, a province of Argentina. It is the highest mountain not only in Argentina but also in the entire American continent, measuring 6,960.8 meters (22,837 feet) above sea level. It is the tallest peak of Western and Southern Hemispheres. The exact location of this peak is in the Andes Mountain Range of Argentina.

Vinson Massif is a big mountain massif that is also the highest mountain in Antarctica. It measures 21 kilometres (13 miles) long and 13 kilometres (8.1 miles) wide and rises 4,892 (16,050 feet) above sea level. It soars above the Ronne Ice Shelf, which is just close to the base of the Antarctic Peninsula. It was discovered by the U.S Navy in the year 1958. Before this time, no one knew that a mountain existed over here.

The highest summit in Indonesia, the Puncak Jaya rises 4,884 meters (16,024 feet) above sea level. It is located in the country’s Papua’s Province (just close to Papua New Guinea). Its other name is Carstensz Pyramid, named after the Dutch explorer Jan Carstenszoon. It is located at the Mount Jayawijaya. It is a very steep peak and is also considered as a job of only the experts for this reason.

Pico de Orizaba in Mexico is a dormant stratovolcano and the country’s highest peak at 5,636 meters (18,491 feet) above sea level. It is also the third highest mountain in North America. Its Nahuatl name “Citlaltepetl” literally means “star mountain.” The volcano has not erupted for the last 25 years which has made it a dormant volcano. It is the second most prominent volcano peak after the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world and is located in the western anchor of the Himalayas mountain range. The mountain, which means “naked mountain,” is located in Gilgit-Baltistan region in Pakistan. Although it is admired for its dramatic, imposing beauty, Nanga Parbat is also notoriously dangerous as several mountaineering deaths occurred during the early to mid-20th century. Nanga Parbat has a height of 26,600 feet or 8126 meters. Nanga Parbat is also known as the killer mountain or the man-eater for the fact that many people have died on their way to climbing this mountain. It is very steep and dangerous with barely a few routes to the top.

Denali, also known by its former official name Mount McKinley, is located in the state of Alaska, USA. It is the tallest mountain in entire North America, measuring 6,194 meters (20,320 feet) high above sea level. The name “Denali” is a Koyukon Athabaskan word for “high” or “tall.” McKinley is a famous mountain, and many people climb it every year. It is also known for the greenery around it.

Mount Logan

Mount Logan is located in the territory of Yukon, Canada. It measures 5,959 meters (19,551 feet), making it the tallest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North America, after Denali (Mount McKinley). It has isolation of about 624 kilometres which is high enough. An interesting fact about this mountain is that it is still rising in its height due to active tectonic uplifting. This means that someday it can become the tallest mountain of Earth.

Mount Everest is widely touted as having the highest peak above sea level, at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet). It is located in the Mahalangur region of the Himalayas. The international border between Nepal and China runs across this mountain’s precise summit point. Mount Everest is one of the most challenging peaks because of its height and difficult routes. One has to prepare for weeks before climbing this tall mountain.

Mount Elbrus lies within the Caucasus Mountains range. It is a dormant stratovolcano which rises 5,642 meters (18,510 feet) above sea level, making it the tallest mountain in Russia. The Mount Elbrus is not very steep and is comparatively easier to climb. It has been ranked as the tenth mountain in the world in terms of prominence.

Mount Damavand

The highest mountain in Iran and the entire Middle East, Mount Damavand is a potentially active volcano located in Amol County, Mazandaran Province. It rises 5,610 meters (18,410 feet) above sea level. It is the tallest volcano of entire Asia. It is considered as the 12th most prominent peak of Planet Earth.

True to its name (which means “white mountain” in French), Mont Blanc is an Alpine mountain which rises 4,810.45 meters (15,782 feet) above sea level. It is the tallest peak in the Alps as well as entire Western Europe and European Union. It is accessible from both, France and Italy. There are multiple routes for this mountain. More than 20 people try to climb this mountain, and it roughly takes 2 – 4 days to climb this peak.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka

KlyuchevskayaSopka is a stratovolcano located in the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. It is the tallest active volcano in the whole Eurasia, measuring 4,750 meters (15,580 feet) from base to the summit. It is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well. Since it is an active volcano, not many people dare to climb it.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest summit in the entire African continent, rising 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level. It is a dormant volcano located in the Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania. The Mount Kilimanjaro is known for the scenic beauty around it. It takes roughly four days to climb this peak. If you are travelling with someone, make sure you are carrying all the necessary food and equipment to meet the requirements on your way up.

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, after Mount Everest. Its peak measures 28,251 feet (8,611) above sea level. It is located on the border between China and Pakistan; it is tough to climb, and many mountaineers have died to try to reach its ultimate summit. Therefore, K2 has earned the moniker “The Savage Mountain.” K2 is also known for the beautiful snow capped peaks and the famous surrounding mountains such as Nanga Parbat, Himalayas, and the HinduKush.

There are many other mountains in the world, but the highest ones are mentioned above. We suggest that you plan to visit any one of them once in your life at least.