Here Are The Biggest Germ Hotspots In Your Office

An average worker comes in touch with over 10 million bacteria every working day. Talk about networking! Naturally, if you don’t live in a bubble you are bound to come into contact with various microbes every day. However, some are more dangerous than others.

Cleaning is a very important habit to develop in your household, but even more important at your workplace. Fortunately, companies like Sun Life Maids can help businesses keep their workplace safe from various germs, viruses and COVID-19 in particular.

One of the staples of good office cleaning is taking care of high-traffic areas in your office that are bound to have thriving germ colonies. Even if your office has a cleaning service in charge of sanitation, it won’t hurt to have an additional disinfectant next to the areas of the office most people use throughout the day. Here are some of them you may have overlooked.

Printers And Copiers

These devices are often overlooked, but printers and copiers can be real germ hotspots with numerous buttons to use and drawers to pull. The fact is, people use these devices throughout the day. This is why you should make a habit of cleaning the buttons, display boards and handles at least once every day.

Coffee Machines

A busy office is bound to have a lot of coffee aficionados, which makes the coffee machine one of the most used devices in any office. This appliance should be wiped a few times during the day, ideally after every use, to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Water Coolers

Sitting close to the coffee machine, the water cooler is a close contender in terms of how often it is used throughout the day. It is especially dangerous as the cup dispenser and the cups themselves come into direct contact with people. However, since these devices usually seat neatly tucked away in a corner or a hallway, they tend to get neglected.


Wherever there is food, there are bound to be germs. People use the fridge every day and that’s why it needs to be disinfected regularly. Also, try to make a habit out of throwing old, possibly spoiled food out every once in a while, as it can affect the rest of the food in the fridge.

Door Handles And Pads

Door handles and keypads see the most traffic throughout the day. While it’s important to clean the handles of the bathroom door regularly, you shouldn’t neglect the rest of the handles and pads throughout the office, as they are used not only by the employees but a number of visitors as well.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms see a lot of traffic all day long, both from employees and visitors. While you want to keep this area clean for presentation, having it safely disinfected can do wonders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases. Therefore, make sure to disinfect the area as well as keyboards, phones, equipment and other devices in this area.

Hallways And Stairs

As with any home or public place, hallways and stairs see a lot of traffic. Furthermore, they are more likely to accumulate debris and dirt than other areas of the office. Therefore, cleaning them regularly should be a priority.

Lounge Areas / Shared Furniture

Depending on the type of your office, you may have a break room with furniture, arcades, gaming consoles and other items that come into contact with a lot of people. Therefore, these areas should be properly cleaned at least once a month. You should also make sure the air filters in the HVAC system are regularly swapped and the room vacuumed.