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Guide to Prescription Ski Goggles

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the best activities to enjoy during the holiday season. However, people with vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness find it difficult to enjoy sports like these because wearing goggles is required for safety purposes. Safety goggles are one of the most important pieces to consider among the skiing gears.

Some people who wears prescription eyeglasses wear them underneath their ski goggles. However, wearing your prescription glasses under your ski goggles can make you feel uncomfortable, but you need them to be able to see what you’re doing, stay at the top of your game, and avoid running over other people. There’s also a tendency for your eyeglasses to fog under your goggles.

For those who wears contact lenses, it will be fine to wear them while skiing but you should still wear goggles for protection. The problem is you have to deal with the dryness and the tearing that is exaggerated with contact lenses while skiing.

But you don’t have to worry because there are now other options which might help you still enjoy skiing even with poor eyesight.

Prescription Goggles

A good option if you have poor eyesight is the use of prescription goggles. You can have your ski goggles customized by opticians depending on the prescription you need. However, this can be very expensive. Also, not all kinds of ski goggles can be customized because of the frame’s extreme curvature.

When you choose to use prescription goggles, you will no longer have to worry about any problems with your eyeglasses and any possibility of irritation. You can wear them comfortably like an ordinary ski goggle.

Prescription Lens Inserts

Some ski goggles accommodate prescription lens inserts. Prescription lens inserts are specialized lenses which fit well inside your goggle’s frame. They are lightweight and can be made in any customized prescription just like a pair of eyeglasses. They allow glasses wearers to have optical acuity without having the need to wear their own glasses under the goggles. You can find these lens inserts in sports shops and online as well. You can simply take them to your optics shop and have them put your prescription in.

Prescription lens inserts are better than wearing your prescription glasses under the goggles because of these reasons.

  • Anti-fog: Compared to the eyeglasses-inside-the-goggle combo, prescription lens inserts can fight fog better. It’s because the prescription lens inserts sit flush against the shield of the goggle, which is farther away from your face where the heat comes from, and closer to the shield of the goggle where the ventilation is. Also, unlike your prescription glasses, the prescription lens inserts are treated with an anti-fog coating, the same with what your goggle lens is coated with.
  • Comfort: Using prescription lens inserts are more comfortable than wearing your eyeglasses underneath your goggles. There is no temple pressure from the arms of your eyeglasses and you don’t have to bother with adjusting your glasses as they move around inside your goggles. Compared to eyeglasses, prescription lens inserts stay in place and optically-aligned.
  • Safety and Damage Control: Wearing eyeglasses while skiing is not safe and there’s also a risk of damaging them or losing them in a sea of snow. You don’t want to damage or lose your everyday eyeglasses, that’s why using a prescription lens insert on your goggle is a better option.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to getting prescription goggles, prescription lens inserts are more affordable and they are durable as well. You’ll be able to choose the kind of lenses you prefer without spending too much.

The design of prescription lens inserts may vary depending on the brand and product. Meaning, it’s not always possible to put a prescription lens insert into different goggles. If you change your goggles, there might be a need to purchase a new insert for it. But you can also find some universal lens inserts which fit most of goggles.

It’s great to know that sports lovers who have vision problems no longer have to worry about the goggles they should wear. Prescription lens inserts provide a functional option to people who need additional vision support. It will be able to help them see clearly and have an enjoyable and safe day while skiing and snowboarding.